2204 Hunter Lane By Marie-France Leger

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2204 Hunter Lane By Marie-France Leger


Book/Novel Author: Marie-France Leger

Book/Novel Title: 2204 Hunter Lane



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Marley Matthews screwed up. Following a drunken night of pleasure, she decides to abandon her glamorous New York City lifestyle and move to Nebraska with a man who quickly betrays her, leaving her hopeless with no one to turn to.After driving in the night to escape the life she pursued, Marley ends up stranded in front of a farmhouse owned by the Lanes. Payton Lane, a kind stepmother, kindly takes her in until she gets back on her feet, but her stepson, Hunter, is very reluctant to Marley and does not make it any easier on her when she decides to accept Payton’s offer. But there’s more to Hunter than what he projects, and Marley begins to think that she may have found someone even more broken than she was. TW: Drunk driving, loss of a loved one, alcohol abuse, mental health/insecurity, body image and toxic family dynamic.
I was iffy on reading this book due to the poor reviews I’d seen, but there were also a lot of recommendations for it on booktok. I decided to go for it. The main reason I gave it three stars is the ending. The last 75 pages weren’t needed. Any relationship development should’ve happened earlier in the book, not dragging it out. I found my self just skimming the pages. I’m glad I finished it, but I don’t plan on reading anything further by this author.
To think that I could ever think of having another perspective or adding more to the perspective I already have. This book does it for you and shows how trauma can affect a person, but even when you think or feel absolutely alone you aren’t. There are people who will always care about you, sometimes it may not be family but the very friends you surround yourself with. There is always life to be lived and this book shows it, in a beautiful way.
This is one heck of a book!! Made me cry, laugh, get angry and it especially love the love that Marley and Hunter had. It deals with a lot of grief and how different people handle it and IT IS a MUST READ
This story fell really flat for me. The writing was a challenge – it felt very elementary. All of the Canadian terms and spelling within a book about Nebraska and New York was distracting. I tried to like the plot and I pushed through to finish but I hated all the drunk driving and just didn’t like the story at all.
This book is amazing. It’s definitely one of my favorite books now. I definitely recommend for anyone who likes enemy to lovers. It’s something like that.
I really loved this book, Hunter’s character development was really a chefs kiss I wish we could’ve seen Brittany’s reaction to the relationship or more parts of the parents (I love a good fight!!) but overall i really enjoyed it!


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4.9/5309 ratings