50 Recipes That Makes John Wick Thick By Susan Gray

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50 Recipes That Makes John Wick Thick: 50 Delicious, Mouth-Watering and Tasty John Wick Inspired Recipes to Enjoy Everyday By Susan Gray


Book/Novel Author: Susan Gray

Book/Novel Title: 50 Recipes That Makes John Wick Thick

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Bored and tired of eating the same meals day in day out? Looking for new dishes to try out? Enjoy these amazing mouth-watering and delicious John Wick inspired meals featuring fresh and wholesome ingredients in 50 contemporary recipes for preparing flavour packed and hearty meals. The recipes veer from unbelievably easy to make like The Continental Onion Dip party dish to the more sophisticated like the John’s Okra and Chicken Gumbo recipe, a meal with creole heritage. The dishes in this cookbook can be prepared and enjoyed by people of all ages and across all lifestyles, vegetarians and meat eaters alike. This cookbook covers every type of meal you can think of, from poultry and fish dishes to cold food and party meals, regardless of your preferences when it comes to food, you will find delicious recipes that will blow you away.
This cookbook will have you yearning to cook and with the simple yet so good meals, you can bet you will be killing it in the kitchen.

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