7 Days Later By Riley Morrison

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7 Days Later: A Post Apocalyptic Gamelit Survival Horror By Riley Morrison


Book/Novel Author: Riley Morrison

Book/Novel Title: 7 Days Later

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**Craft, build, search for loot and fight to survive in a vast post-apocalyptic game world.** It’s been seven days since the old world fell and now my girlfriend, Say?nara and I must battle for our survival. We’ll harvest wood, mine metal, grow our own food and craft better equipment. **Then we will build our base, secure it with traps, fortified walls and defend it till the end.** The monsters that ended the old world are out there, hunting the night and gathering into hordes that will attack us once a week. But zombies and mutants are not the only threat. From mysterious enemy NPC factions, to hostile player bandits and ravenous packs of wild animals, the open world of 7 Days Later is filled with danger. Only by working together can Say?nara and I hope to live through the horror. But are we ruthless enough to survive? **Grab your guns, tools and item upgrades and enter the apocalypse!** Alpha 2.0 coming January 23rd **

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