A Baby for the Boss By Jessa Kane

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A Baby for the Boss By Jessa Kane


Book/Novel Author: Jessa Kane

Book/Novel Title: A Baby for the Boss



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Missy is too smart for her own good. All she wants is to be loved and surrounded by laughter, but her intimidating brain has driven everyone away and left her lonely. Running the family corporation and going home to an empty mansion every night. A baby will solve the problem, though, won’t it? A child will love her unconditionally. Missy’s intention is to visit a fertility doctor…until she spies the rugged giant working in her company’s warehouse. Turk makes her inexperienced body feel uncomfortably warm and restless. Perhaps she won’t need the doctor to accomplish her baby-making mission after all…especially if Turk has anything to say about it.
The H and h were underdeveloped in this short story. But the part that bothered me was the constant “Little Girl” and “Daddy’s role play and how the H just instinctively knows that the h has some kind of need to call him Daddy in order to get off. Just creepy in this day and age, especially when you are a teacher and one of your past co-workers was fired for this kind of behavior with students. Yuck.
She’s a genius and he’s a big alpha man. She’s a billionaire and he’s a former pro footballer. There are so many dynamics in this one and I’m here for all of them. And it’s all very, very hot.

This book was so hot! The chemistry is instant and all consuming. Missy and Turk don’t waste any time when it comes to claiming each other.
-breeding kink-daddy kink-dirty talk-age gap, older H-genuis/billionaire hNot much depth. Mostly the sex. Definently a breeding erotica.


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4.9/5309 ratings