A Bear for Thanksgiving By Lisa Daniels

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A Bear for Thanksgiving (Holiday Shifters) By Lisa Daniels


Book/Novel Author: Lisa Daniels

Book/Novel Title: A Bear for Thanksgiving



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My family doesn’t want me.They’re prioritizing my brother’s wife again. She hates my guts, and I don’t know why.On top of that, I broke up with my boyfriend. However, I met a handsome stranger in my favorite bar. Tall, muscled, with a gentle, magnetic smile.He’s more than just a man, though.I found out not too long into knowing him that he’s a bear shifter.He turns into a bear to protect me from his ex.I’m being introduced to a world I’ve never known, with a man I could easily fall in love with.And I’ve been invited to his family’s thanksgiving.Author’s Note: This is a steamy stand alone with a HEA. It is intended for 18+
What a pleasant read. This wonderful book is and easy going read that will leave a happy taste in your mouth. Not to much heavy conflict but definitely a story that many can relate to. So many family’s out there are made up of non blood because sometimes blood families have no love for individuals. But being able to choose your family that’s different…
I really enjoy reading this book and loved in how they fell in love and how he and his family stood up and defend her against the other bear that wanted to hurt her
The story is cute, and if all you’re looking for is a light read, this isn’t bad. This book started strong, but then sort of lost its way. The characters started well, but then flattened and never really regained life. The end was also rather abrupt, like falling off a cliff. I think the book was rushed to get it out for Thanksgiving and it shows. Also, it was very clear the author is from the UK, which ordinarily doesn’t bother me – one of my favorite authors is British and periodically gets things wrong for the US – but it was particularly prevalent here and Thanksgiving is an American holiday, so it was jarring. It wasn’t just a lot of incorrect (for Americans) turns of phrase and word choices, I kept feeling like the town itself was in the UK. I’m not certain the author has ever been to the US – at least not outside a big city – or at least used Google street view to get a sense for a town here, and it contributed to a disassociation that happened particularly strongly about a third of the way through. Also, a great deal was made about bears killing people in bear form, and getting away with it because animal attack. No police force within the shifter community? The girl’s life being threatened was added into this, and a lot of noise made about her basically being defenseless. So you see, there’s this thing called a gun… I guarantee you that any town that has a lot of bears and maulings with any kind of regularity will have a lot of folks carrying weapons when they go hiking. Even a pistol (of sufficient caliber) can be very effective against a bear. I would imagine that a bear shifter with a gun pointed at them would pause and back down. There’s also bear spray, but I believe that’s less effective against a predatory behaving bear. Still, it would at least be something.
…it was just an empty bird…when you thought it would be chock full of flavorful stuffing. It was going strong and then BAM…it was just over…it felt like a half baked pie! The whole second half of the story was just missing…making it a feast without mashed potatoes and green beans!
This was a fun, light and quick read. There is no deep character development (by design, I suspect) but it was enjoyable to listen to Alexa read it while I did housework.
He just found out his ex cheated with his best friend and she folded it in front of both families at dinner. She just broke up with her ex cause his to much of a mommy’s boy and she can’t take it anymore, so here she sets in her favorite bar having a drink shrink a cute stranger walks in. The characters journey will take on twists and turns throughout their story of finding love.


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