A biker for Christmas By Bella Jewel

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A biker for Christmas (Jokers’ Wrath MC & MC Sinners) By Bella Jewel


Book/Novel Author: Bella Jewel

Book/Novel Title: A biker for Christmas

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Come on this delicious and wild Christmas adventure with two of your favorite clubs, the Jokers’ Wrath MC and the MC Sinners!! You don’t want to miss this one!!! This Christmas Novella will take you on a fun ride with loads of twists and turns!
It was meant to be a vacation.
Just us.
The club.
No kids.
The silly season.
But of course that’s never how it ends up.
Of course someone had to come on our cruise ship and start murdering people.
Of course we’re stuck out in the middle of the ocean with no way out.
Of course we’re with another club, who, frankly, don’t seem to like us being here.
Our eyes are on them.
Their eyes are on us.
It’s not going to end well.
I can just feel it.
All I wanted was a damned cocktail vacation, minus the tail, if you know what I mean.
Ah, but instead here we are.
I mean, can’t we even go out into the middle of the ocean without drama?
Of course we can’t.
That would be far too easy.
Now we’re stuck on a ship, with some crazy murderer and our vacation is ruined.
Then there’s that other club…the ones who seem to think it’s their problem and not ours.
The ones who seem to think we have something to do with it.
How do two clubs end up on the same ship?
On the same vacation?
Don’t look at me, how the hell should I know?
Man, I just wanted Spike, a bed and some serious lovin’.
Now I’ve got Spike, a ship, and a serious killer.
Is it really too much to ask?
Of course it is.
Ah, because instead here we are.

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