A Book of Simple Living By Ruskin Bond

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A Book of Simple Living: Brief Notes from the Hills By Ruskin Bond


Book/Novel Author: Ruskin Bond

Book/Novel Title: A Book of Simple Living

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‘Mist fills the Himalayan valleys, and monsoon rain sweeps across the hills. Sometimes, during the day, a bird visits me-a deep purple whistling thrush. She perches on the window sill, and looks out with me at the rain.’This personal diary records the many small moments that constitute a life of harmony-with the self, the natural world, and friends, family and passersby. In these pages, we watch a wild plum blossom and the moon come up between two deodar trees; we hear a redstart whistle and the rain drum on a tin roof; we recognize the aftermath of loss and the consolation of old companions.’A Book of Simple Living’ is a gift of beauty and wisdom from India’s most loved, and most understated, writer.

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