A Chance Encounter By Nikki Ash

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A Chance Encounter: a Single Mom, Surprise Pregnancy Romance By Nikki Ash


Book/Novel Author: Nikki Ash

Book/Novel Title: A Chance Encounter



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What do you get when a single mom saves a musician from a killer bee?SophiaWhen I was eighteen, I fell in love, but he didn’t love me back. The day he found out about my pregnancy, I found out about his fiancée.He warned if I ever told anyone, he would destroy me. So I kept the pregnancy a secret and disappeared.Being scorned has left me jaded, but it’s also made me stronger. All my love and attention is focused on raising my daughter.There isn’t room in our lives, or in my heart, for anyone else… until a chance encounter with Easton Blackwood changes everything.EastonMusic has always been my one true love, but when a stunningly beautiful woman saves me from a killer bee, it just might be love at first sight.One minute she’s slapping me with her flip-flop and the next we’re naked in my bed. With every kiss, every touch, I have no doubt Sophia could be the one, until she dashes from my bed without a trace.After weeks of our time together replaying in my mind, she appears back in my life, with a confession that sends my world into a tailspin.She thinks the bomb she’s dropped will send me running, but she’s wrong. The last guy might have done that, but I’ll fight for her, for our love, for our family. And I’ll stop at nothing to protect what’s mine.
This was a quick and easy read that I could not put down. A Chance Encounter is a love at first sight romance that ends with a HEA. The story checks all the boxes: a solid plot, developed main characters, romance, and spice! I love the chemistry between Easton and Sophia…but, I do wish that the story was drawn out a little more. But that’s probably because I love their characters so much and the fact that they are so perfect together. But if you’re looking for a read where the MC thinks she’ll never get her happy ever after, then fate steps in, and she does…then this book is for you!Rating: 4/5Spice: 3/5
A Chance Encounter was awesome! This is a second chance romance with a secret pregnancy.Sophia’s first so called “boyfriend” was actually stringing her along the whole time, so once she confronts him that she’s pregnant. He loses it and scares her into silence. She decided to move to NYC and room with her cousin in hopes that he won’t find her and her daughter. Years later, Sophia sees this man freaking out because a bee is flying around him and she helps him out by killing it. Once she gets a good look at him, she realizes that he is beyond handsome and can’t help but forget where she is. Easton is shocked that she doesn’t know who he is but realizes he wants to know more about her. One thing leads to another and they hook up.Read this now to find out what happens when Easton finds out he’s going to be a dad and if they have a chance when secrets are stacked against them!
Another winner.. they just keep getting better and better..perfect book to curl up to and find a book boyfriend… Keely Tate
This story was so sweet and cute! I loved every second of it! From their meet cute to the end both characters held my heart!! The start though really riled me up but our love key heroine found the love she deserved!
I absolutely LOVED this story. The characters are wonderful. There is enough backstory to help you get know and understand them without feeling like you’re stuck in the past. The story unfolds beautifully and you will laugh, be frustrated, feel love and overall just keep reading and reading! This is the first book by this author I’ve read and I can’t wait to read another.
I kept seeing this book on Tic Toc. I loved all the small teasers we got. So it ended up being a one click for me.Simply….I do believe in love at first sight. I believe that if you’re lost, that someone will find you.And Oh. My. Word……Easton is amazing. This book made me laugh, loudly at times, blush and believe in love.Nikki this was an amazing book. I’m on to the next one. Which was an automatic one click…again.Thank you for sharing you gift of writing with us. We are blessed to be able to read such amazing work.


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