A Christmas Like No Otter By Zoe Chant

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A Christmas Like No Otter (Virtue Shifters Book 4) By Zoe Chant


Book/Novel Author: Zoe Chant

Book/Novel Title: A Christmas Like No Otter



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Love otter be easier….Otter shifter and piano player Abe is usually pretty suave, but that was before the otterly amazing new choir director turned out to be his fated mate! His otter is so excited that Abe himself can’t get a word in edgewise. How can he impress his mate if he can’t even talk to her?Blaire thought her new job as a choir director in Virtue would be a breeze, but the old piano player took one look at her and quit, and the new one can’t even meet her eyes! Which is just too bad, because he’s probably the most handsome man Blaire has ever seen. Why, if Abe could only make eye contact, Blaire might even be prepared to consider him a potential significant otter!But rehearsals for the choir concert mean at least they’re together, and it’s not long before they realize they have a whole lotter more than music in common. From ice skating to hot springs, the winter holiday activities in town bring them closer and closer…right up to one last surprise that reveals itself at the Christmas concert!A Christmas Like No Otter is a fun, fast-paced romantic comedy that’s the next best thing to taking a winter holiday! You’ll all but feel the crisp air and smell the scent of Christmas trees in this light, sweet shifter romance with a guaranteed happily ever otter.One-click now to fall in love with the Virtue Shifters!

This story was so funny! I was in tears for the majority of the book! I’m trying to read over my tears of laughter, but I’m still laughing so hard, more tears are forming! Finally! Finally! I make it through a section, and my eyes are nearly dry, even though I’m still chuckling, and – BAM!! Cracking up laughing again! A few times, I attempted to go back to make sure I read everything, and was still cracking up! This was do wonderfully written; story flow, character viewpoints/feelings/expressions… It was all just absolutely wonderful! The Virtue series has been extremely enjoyable so far, but this one just topped the cake with the hilarity! On to Hold My Bear!
The very idea of an otter as a shapeshifter throws the trope so off-kilter, it’s hilarious. The battle of the internal versus external dialogue makes for a beleaguered hero, and quite a puzzled heroine. Zoe did a fantastic job. Recommended.
I love Zoe Chant’s work – under any of her pen names – but this book is one of the BEST! I laughed out loud more than once and am otterly besotted with the puns. Truly a good read. This one’s going on my “remember to read when you need a laugh” list.
Chuckle, A Christmas Like No Otter is a fun, make yourself happy romance. Having seen otters play at a small upstate NY private zoo, it felt very much like Zoe Chant is well acquainted with the species! Otters are delightful as is this romance.
I really liked this book from start to finish. Zoe kept with the story and was a well balanced love story from the start. I like the kind when 2 people meet and just fall in love.


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4.9/5309 ratings