A Dash of Revenge By Claire Sweeney

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A Dash of Revenge (A Sugar Hill Mystery Book 2) By Claire Sweeney


Book/Novel Author: Claire Sweeney

Book/Novel Title: A Dash of Revenge

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Trouble arrives at Sugar Hill when Harry Bottoms checks into the Sugar Cookie Inn. A despicable character, he disrupts the lives of the inn’s owner, Miss Matilda and her chef Trixie, who is also her niece. He complains about everything and even tries to have Matilda’s two birds, Tara and John Paul, taken from her because, he says, she’s abusing them.
Of course, the claim is false. Matilda loves the birds and would do nothing to harm them. Besides that, he calls the health department to complain that his food was contaminated with salmonella.
All his treachery comes to an end when Matilda discovers him dead in his car in the parking lot behind the inn. Who killed him and why? That’s what Matilda wants to know. Once she starts trying to find answers for her questions, she finds that things definitely are not what they seem. Harry Bottoms’ supposed reason for being in town is to survey a farm the owner wants to sell. So, why is he really there? Could it be a simple matter of revenge?
Please Note: Second Volume of the the Sugar Hill Mystery Series. Approximately 51,000 words in length. It is a standalone (reading prior or future volumes not required to enjoy the book, no cliffhanger). Themes include: Cozy Mystery, Small Town, birds, female sleuth, amateur investigator

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