A Dress for Curves By M. S. Parker

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A Dress for Curves (The Scottish Billionaires Book 10) By M. S. Parker


Book/Novel Author: M. S. Parker

Book/Novel Title: A Dress for Curves



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When Carson McCrae, the hottest designer in Manhattan, asked me to model a new bra in a fashion show, I knew it was a line.How could it not be?I’m anything but a runway model. Sure, I’m tall, but I’m not skinny. I got more curves than Kim Kardashian.It was definitely a line.So why did I say yes?Growing up in a commune four hours from New York City, Vixen Teal is not your typical New Yorker. Disgusted with a new leader, she leaves home and finds employment at a small boutique in Manhattan.During a chance meeting, celebrity designer, Carson McCrae, offers Vixen a modeling gig out of the blue. Little does she know that accepting it leads to losing her job, apartment, and everything she owns.Out on the street with nothing but the clothes on her back, she has two choices: go back to the life she knows and hates at the commune, or take a chance at a new life, modeling for Carson McCrae.Don’t miss A Dress for Curves by M. S. Parker. The latest story in The Scottish Billionaires series.
Thought this would be better. Not alot of depth to the story. What there was alot of ? S*x (trying to keep the algorithm from spotting an undesirable word ). Lots of s*x between the 2 main characters. Even what they were doing was repetitious ad nauseam. Too bad. Could have been a really good book.
I had read all of the books in this series and couldn’t wait for Carson’s story. I was disappointed, it seemed very rushed with little thought to the previous plot lines and how they could have been woven it to this final chapter. Also, to me, the two characters just didn’t click. It did not have Parker’s usual story flow.
As per usual with this series, I wasn’t wowed by this book. This book and the entire series was missing elemental items I have come to enjoy from Parker, such as sexual heat and a real connection beyond sexual between the characters. These felt forced, especially in this book when the characters have basically had sex twice, had 1 date, then he “saves” her after she disappears on him and then all of a sudden she’s moved in with him and then they’re engaged. Rushed and forced equals no connection between characters or for the reader. But that seems to be the theme for this series, making the entire thing pointless to read. Don’t waste your time. There are so much better reads out there, including by this author.
Just like all her books this does not disappoint. I love her hero’s and heroins. And can’t get enough of the Scottish family
Carson and Vixen’s road to their HEA is fraught with heat, suspense and drama. How MS Parker crafted it was a truly masterful blend taking us to the HEA… a wild ride for sure.
Great book… even with the twists and turn. So glad Vixen got the HEA she deserved. Great book boyfriend. Must read


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