A Duke to Rescue the Lady in Distress By Hedley J. Huntt

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A Duke to Rescue the Lady in Distress: A Clean & Sweet Historical Regency Romance By Hedley J. Huntt


Book/Novel Author: Hedley J. Huntt

Book/Novel Title: A Duke to Rescue the Lady in Distress



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The course of true love never did run smooth…Lord Samuel Vincent is enjoying living the simple, carefree life as a Marquess and landlord in the countryside. But when his father’s health declines, Samuel is forced to return to Town and realizes that he can no longer avoid the responsibilities that he will inherit along with his title. He must prepare to become the Duke of Pelton and landlord to most of London.Lady Victoria Maidus’s parents are expecting her to marry the wealthiest man possible. Especially since her father’s gambling debts have caused them to become almost destitute and is on the brink of being revealed to society’s judgemental eye. Always having dreamed of marrying for love, Victoria is forced to make wealth the number one priority in her search for a potential husband.When Victoria meets Samuel for the first time, all she can think about is convincing him that she is his best option of a potential wife, in order to save her family. But the more she leads him on hoping to get the handsome Lord to fall in love with her, the more she realizes how quickly she is falling for him.When Samuel confronts Victoria, her pleas of being truly in love with him despite her initial motivations fall on deaf ears – dulled by his sense of betrayal.As unforeseen circumstances render Victoria suddenly destitute and homeless, her only hope of survival is to resort to a life of servitude, covertly under an assumed identity to protect her tarnished reputation.All hope of marrying the man she loves is gone. Will Victoria ever find hope in love again? Will Samuel be able to fulfil his father’s dying wish to see him happily married?If you love the majestic Regency and Victorian era, this is the novel for you!”A Duke to Rescue the Lady in Distress ” is a clean historical regency romance novel of approximately 80.000 words full of twists and tension.It is definitely a must read!





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