A Faithful Narrative By Mary Smythe

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A Faithful Narrative: A Pride & Prejudice Variation By Mary Smythe


Book/Novel Author: Mary Smythe

Book/Novel Title: A Faithful Narrative



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Darcy’s own name leapt at him from the page and his treacherous eyes could not withstand the temptation drawing them downward. What had Elizabeth written about him?FITZWILLIAM DARCY IS ON THE VERGE of proposing to Miss Elizabeth Bennet when he happens upon her diary in a field of bluebells. Though he knows he should not, he gives in to the temptation to read it and discovers a perspective of himself he had never before considered. Not only does Elizabeth not reciprocate his love, she considers him arrogant, insulting and disdainful. Her reasons, to his shame, are not entirely unfounded. Properly humbled, Darcy must decide what to do—walk away from his beloved forever or make the effort to please a woman worthy of being pleased.ELIZABETH BENNET IS A FIRM BELIEVER in the value of first impressions. Mr Darcy made a poor one and his subsequent behaviour did little to improve upon it. Worse yet, he has had the audacity to read her personal diary without permission.NEVERTHELESS, MR DARCY’S VIOLATION of her privacy forces Elizabeth to reconsider many of her former prejudices against him. As a result, she comes to know herself, and him, better. Can Elizabeth forgive Mr Darcy all his trespasses and give him an opportunity to redeem himself?
It was so easy to enter into the cruel disenchantment Darcy experienced after reading about himself in Elizabeth’s diary. My stomach clenched when he was contemplated reading it but we knew he would. Then I was plunged into Elizabeth’s mortification when she learned her diary was read by none other than the man she had spewed such vitriol on in her written thoughts. Gads. I easily felt the despair of both.We’ve read so many variations with serious angst over misunderstandings but this one is unique. The angst went on for what felt like an agonizingly long while but the story moves and the book is novella length depending upon how quickly you read resolves in time to save you from resorting to medicating with that pint of chocolate ice cream in the freezer. What great images Mary Smythe provides of Darcy’s daily doses of his love. Very romantic.What a great ‘coming to an understanding’ scene.The epilogue might have ended after the first diary entry…..but read on. It’s pure fun. Highly recommended.
I like that it was fate that Elizabeth forgets her diary and Fitzwilliam finds it. I like that the awful words were never spoken, though I find myself now wondering… what is worse? To hear words spoken in the heart of a moment? Or to read words dedicated to paper for all time? As I read, it seemed less awful for Darcy to read these words, but now that I think on it, perhaps it was worse. Well-written variation. Too short, though the epilogue at least Carrie’s us forward in time.
I enjoyed this variation. It was different in a way. Would such a principled, honorable man such as Darcy read Elizabeth’s diary. It is kind of like listening to another’s conversation behind a door. In the end, I decided he would considering his anticipated proposal and assumptions. This was a very different story. I liked it very much.
Pure EnjoymentIt was a joy to read the story of two people who seemed so real. You made Elizabeth assertive in her playful way, not aggressive nor submissive. Your Darcy was great fun to watch as an intelligent man accustomed to dealing with decision-making within a world of set parameters learning to cope with the softer side of his own personality. Thanks for a gentle story. (And for great proofreading.)
I looked forward to this, but E&D’s interactions were few, and the resolution was brief to make room for an extended epilogue. The style of the epilogue was well-chosen, but due to its nature, it was fragmented. At times, it was even difficult to understand who was be discussed, and there some editing issues. The epilogue did improve my pleasure of the book.
There is not enough of a connection with the secondary characters but the book is very well written and interesting to get a glimpse into the futures of the fest of the family.


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