A Head Start By Christine Gael

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A Head Start (Cherry Blossom Point Book 4) By Christine Gael


Book/Novel Author: Christine Gael

Book/Novel Title: A Head Start



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Gemma Davis has finally come to grips with her husband’s death but is reeling once again when she realizes that he left her a final gift. Already overwhelmed by the thought of raising their two sons alone, finding out that she has a baby on the way nearly sends her over the edge. She has her brother Owen and her friends in Cherry Blossom Point to lean on, but they have their own lives and responsibilities. When she meets her handsome neighbor, Patrick, and his sweet daughter, Zoe, she is relieved to find another single parent to bond with. But when their friendship starts to feel like something more, she can’t help but feel like she’s committing the ultimate betrayal…Gayle Merrill has been forced to reinvent herself in a lot of ways over the past year, and it’s been great…mostly. She’s got a new man, a better relationship with her siblings, and a fresh outlook on life. But she never imagined that leaving her miserable marriage would cost her the business she’s worked so hard for. Now, with no choice but to pull herself up by her bootstraps and start again, she’ll see what she’s truly made of. She created a successful business once. Can she do it again, or is catching lightning in a bottle twice in one lifetime too much to ask?Jack Merrill isn’t perfect, but dang if he isn’t trying to be a better man…and a better father. In the past, he’d been so broken inside, he’d allowed his relationship with his son to crumble right before his very eyes. But now that he and his true love, Corinne, are back together, he feels invincible. This former soldier is ready to fight to get Wyatt back in his life, and he won’t stop until the battle is won.
Christine Gael did not disappoint. But then, she never has. The latest in this series, brings you closer to the families, and is so well written as to make you feel you know these families personally. You feel like you are part of the story itself. I am looking forward to the next installment.
With all the problems that had a risen, understanding and love what makes the best of everything. Family and friends make worth it
These stories are all about life. Everyday life, things everyone can relate to. I lost my15 yr old son to suicide so I understand Jack’s pain,yet Corrines wanting to keep their sons memory alive. Worrying about his second son. All the other challenges they all face as well. I wish these books would never end!!
I love that this book is continuing the story started in Bluebird Bay. I’m kinda disappointed that Anna wasn’t there for the new restaurant opening. I think Gemma and Patrick could be fun. Keep up the great work.
The continuing story of Cherry Blossom is into book 4 and this is a story about Gemma, her brother Owen and his love Lena who are helping Gemma deal with the unexpected death of her husband. Trying to raise her boys while her life it turned upside down. It is also the story of Gayle and Jo’s opening of Hunter’s Gathering. Its a great story, bringing the reader up to date on all that is going on in their lives, also Jack and Corinne and accepting his half sister Anna Sullivan and finally dealing with Jackson’s injury .
This story is amazing. It is a great telling of how people come together to support and love one another. I cried and i laughed along qith the characters as they found their way through this story. So much love is in this book. Thus book has the potential to touch your soul if you allow it to. Great read. I already loved this series but each time they get better and better. I highly recommend if you are a sucker for a happy ending!!!


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