A Life for a Life By Carol Wyer

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A Life for a Life (Detective Kate Young Book 3) By Carol Wyer


Book/Novel Author: Carol Wyer

Book/Novel Title: A Life for a Life



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Nobody can get into the mind of an erratic killer—except an unpredictable detective.When a young man is found lying on a station platform with a hole in his head, DI Kate Young is called in to investigate the grisly murder. But the killing is no one-off. As bodies start to pile up, she is faced with what might be an impossible task—to hunt down a ruthless killer on a seemingly random rampage.Meanwhile, Kate has her own demons to battle as she struggles to come to terms with her husband’s death. And she is hell-bent on exposing corruption within the force and bringing Superintendent John Dickson to justice. But with the trail of deception running deeper—and closer to home—than she could ever have imagined, she no longer knows who she can trust.With her grip on reality slipping, Kate realises that maybe she and the killer are not so different after all. But time is running out and Kate is low on options. Can she catch the killer before she loses everything?
3 books and yet no real ending in this series. A corrupt group of highly placed men, including law officers, who are into trafficking of young people. The stories/characters are interesting, but it lacks a real solution…
I loved this series, the only thing was that was for me disappointing was the end. I am hoping there is another book coming out that will tie up loose ends. Need to see her deal with emotions, finish with corruption and find a new love life. Then I will be satisfied.
I can’t wait for the next installment. I enjoyed this book as much as the first two in the series. I am hoping the next one is coming soon. As not to give spoilers, let’s say I have to see the ripples of her actions.
DI Kate Young lost her husband Chris about a year ago and is still agonizing over his death. At the same time, a body has been discovered killed by a dead bolt pistol (the kind used to dispatch animals) shot in the head. Apparently the tip of the iceberg as there follows additional deaths by the same MO. The problem is the absolute lack of correlation as they appear totally random and the descriptions get rather graphic.I thought the start of the book slow, a little disjointed, and it was some time into the book before I was able to engage. Kate struggles with the gradual loss of Chris’ voice and she is paranoid about trusting anyone regarding her investigation into superintendent Dickson, whom she feels is responsible for his death. I liked the characters of DS Emma Donaldson and DS Morgan Meredith as they help to form a solid investigative team of unique persons.The tension ramps up closer to the end of the well-plotted narrative, adding suspense, switching goals between the quest for vengeance (or justice), and the solution to the bolt murders.This might be one of those series that makes more sense to begin with Book 1. While the novel is engaging, it might be better appreciated knowing the back story. 3.5 stars
This killer seems to enjoy his killing as often as possible. When it all seems random how can the killer be caught? That’s up to the detective with some mental issues of her ownThank you netgalley and the publisher for this arc
By review on this 1 is not quite as Happy as the 1st 2 books I was not happy with the way it ended It just left it Please let me know if you’re going to write a forth story for her To bring her forward or if there is a bonus book that it’s list gonna explain what happened with her after Dickerson What shot I know it leaves us to our imagination to come up with an ending but I surely wish that you would right 1 you can if it short story


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