A Mate for Jackson By Selena Scott

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A Mate for Jackson By Selena Scott


Book/Novel Author: Selena Scott

Book/Novel Title: A Mate for Jackson

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**Jackson Durant is a lone wolf. Literally.**
As a wolf shifter in a world that is completely hostile to shifters of any kind, he’s taken it upon himself to live a life of solitude as a way of keeping himself safe. If only the members of his family would follow his lead and stop falling in love with people and almost blowing their shifter secret. And if only Jackson himself wasn’t desperately in love with a woman he’ll never let himself have.
Kaya Chalk doesn’t hate men. She’s just constantly annoyed by them. They fawn over her, pursue her, make fools of themselves for her. What she wouldn’t give for a little peace and quiet! With her sister paired off and in love, Kaya becomes determined to live a peaceful, solitary life. That would be possible if only Jackson Durant weren’t suddenly a part of her life again, rescuing her from car trouble in a blizzard and scowling his way into her heart.
As a hostile presence returns from the past and starts to bear down on the Durants, Jackson and Kaya find themselves drawn to one another in a way that neither of them ever thought would truly happen.
**This is the third book in the “Forbidden Shifters” Series, but can also be read as a standalone. No cliffhangers. This full-length paranormal romance 80k word story contains strong sexual themes/language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18. FREE on Kindle unlimited**
The Dragon Realm
1 – Chosen by the Dragon
2 – The Dragon’s Touch
3 – Dragon’s Desire
4 – Dragon’s Passion
Secret Shifters of Spokane
1 – Danil’s Mate
2 – Emin’s Mate
3 – Maxim’s Mate
4 – Anton’s Mate
Shifter Fever
1 – Ansel’s Game
2 – Alec’s Game
3 – Matt’s Game
4 – Kain’s Game
4 – Griff’s Game
Shifters of the Seventh Moon
1 – The Shifter’s Shadow
2 – The Shifter’s Embrace
3 – The Shifter’s Seduction
4 – The Shifter’s Desire
Forbidden Shifters
1 – A Mate for Seth
2 – A Mate for Raphael
3 – A Mate for Jackson
4 – A Mate for Phoenix
5 – A Mate for Orion **
### Review
*If you love this genre this is a must read – Mima48*
**This book will hold you captive from beginning to end – SLF**
*I wasn’t sure how she could do it, but this is one of the best yet! Selena Scott keeps getting better! – Alayne*
**There are so many twists and turns I couldn’t put it down, plus the ending is perfect.- Sewanee**
*It’s a hard earned love story, that will pull at your heartstrings and have you dreaming of happily ever afters! – Elisa*
**Selena did an awesome job developing the relationships between the characters in a totally unexpected way. Love this book – Bebe**
*This is an exciting, funny, suspenseful, and steamy hot shifter romance. It’s a five star plus story and series – Roxie’s Romance Reviews*
**Series by Selena Scott**
**The Dragon Realm** Chosen by the Dragon The Dragon’s Touch Dragon’s Desire Dragon’s Passion
**Secret Shifters of Spokane** Danil’s Mate Emin’s Mate Maxim’s Mate Anton’s Mate
**Shifter Fever** Ansel’s Game Alec’s Game Matt’s Game  Kain’s Game Griff’s Game
**Shifters of the Seventh Moon** The Shifter’s Shadow The Shifter’s Embrace The Shifter’s Seduction The Shifter’s Desire
**Forbidden Shifters** A Mate for Seth A Mate for Raphael A Mate for Jackson

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