A Mate for Seth By Selena Scott

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A Mate for Seth By Selena Scott


Book/Novel Author: Selena Scott

Book/Novel Title: A Mate for Seth

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**His head roars…RESIST! His heart screams… SURRENDER!**
Seth Durant and his alpha brothers don’t have a lot of incentive to tell anyone they’re wolf shifters. As unregistered shifters living in secrecy, their very existence is technically illegal. Keeping that secret at all costs has been the number one rule the Durant brothers have lived by for nearly their entire lives.
As soon as he sees the beautiful, goofy, messy former Olympian, straight-laced Seth knows he’s met someone who just might change his life forever. Determined to get closer to Sarah while also determined to keep his family’s secret, Seth has to balance the life of being a human man with the life of being a wolf shifter in an inhospitable world.
Sarah, as drawn to Seth as he is to her, can’t understand why the kind, generous hottie next door is so secretive. She’s never known someone to be so desperate to know her while also throwing up so many roadblocks. With a complicated family history of her own, Sarah has to decide whether Seth is worth all the secrets. And when his secret is blown, she has to decide if she’ll be able to live outside the law with the love of her life.
**This is the first book in the “Forbidden Shifters” Series, but can also be read as a standalone. No cliffhangers. This full-length paranormal romance 80k word story contains strong sexual themes/language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18. FREE on Kindle unlimited**
The Dragon Realm
1 – Chosen by the Dragon
2 – The Dragon’s Touch
3 – Dragon’s Desire
4 – Dragon’s Passion
Secret Shifters of Spokane
1 – Danil’s Mate
2 – Emin’s Mate
3 – Maxim’s Mate
4 – Anton’s Mate
Shifter Fever
1 – Ansel’s Game
2 – Alec’s Game
3 – Matt’s Game
4 – Kain’s Game
4 – Griff’s Game
Shifters of the Seventh Moon
1 – The Shifter’s Shadow
2 – The Shifter’s Embrace
3 – The Shifter’s Seduction
4 – The Shifter’s Desire
Forbidden Shifters
1 – A Mate for Seth
2 – A Mate for Raphael
3 – A Mate for Jackson
4 – A Mate for Phoenix
5 – A Mate for Orion
6 – A Mate for Quill **
### Review
**This really rocked my world. Complex and beautiful story. I love Seth! Where can I get one of him?! Warning you won’t want to put your his down! – Samantha E Ro**
*** I am always in the mood for a good shifter book that is what I read the most and this one almost brought me to tears at many points. – Booksforbeynon*
**I loved this book the characters the humor and well everything from beginning to end Will definitely be reading more of this series!!! – Bookfan**
*** A Mate For Seth is book one in the new and absolutely awesome series Forbidden Shifters by author Selena Scott. Wow just wow!! This is a new and intriguing storyline of the world of shifters – Elise*
***** *You will love this super thrilling,funny,exciting,and steamy hot shifter Romance. It is a five star plus story. – Roxie’s Romance Reviews**
*** I just love it when I find a book that’s worth my time, that I can just fall into and enjoy. I very much have enjoyed this book and I am glad it is a series , although I am going to hate having to wait for the next one. – Kisstokis*
***** *This well-written story had me turning pages I could not put it down it looks like it is going to be a very good series. – Babs**
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**** The Dragon Realm** Chosen by the Dragon The Dragon’s Touch Dragon’s Desire Dragon’s Passion
**Secret Shifters of Spokane** Danil’s Mate Emin’s Mate Maxim’s Mate Anton’s Mate
**Shifter Fever** Ansel’s Game Alec’s Game Matt’s Game  Kain’s Game Griff’s Game
**Shifters of the Seventh Moon** The Shifter’s Shadow The Shifter’s Embrace The Shifter’s Seduction The Shifter’s Desire
**Forbidden Shifters** A Mate For Seth A Mate For Raphael A Mate For Jackson

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