A Nanny for the Grumpy Cowboy By Hanna Hart

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A Nanny for the Grumpy Cowboy: Rolston Ranch Brothers By Hanna Hart


Book/Novel Author: Hanna Hart

Book/Novel Title: A Nanny for the Grumpy Cowboy



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Drake Rolston is a grumpy single dad with a chip on his shoulder larger than Texas. When his long-time nanny quits, he is in desperate need of a new one. Carefree dreamer Freddie Dover seems like the last girl on earth that he would pick. But when there is slim pickings in a small town, desperate times call for desperate measures…and Drakedecides to take a chance with Freddie and his heart. What’s worse than a worried overprotective grumpy cowboy boss?Being set up on a blind date with him. Behind those handsome rugged features, Drake looked like he was angry at the world… and maybe hewas. He didn’t get along with his brother and that was exactly what he needed to do if he wanted a partof his father’s will. Not only that, his overprotective nature with his young son around horses doesn’t really help his moodwhen the family owns some of the most successful ranches in Texas.But sparks fly on their blind date for this nanny and her boss. And their flames change Drake’s coldexterior into a warm one. But when a near accident brings out an even bigger secret…How long until the surly cowboy’s flame goes out?
This was a good but short story. I will be reading more of this series. I would recommend this book.
I really enjoyed this book. I loved the storyline and the characters. This stir is well written and heartwarming. I know you are going to love it.
A sweet little romance with lots of humor and interesting characters that made this story truly amazing. The connection between the two main characters was compelling enough to keep the readers wanting to see how it would turn out. Very enjoyable read.

I enjoyed reading this book. It had a good plot and had feeling that put you in the story.. I enjoyed coming back reading it time after time and couldn’t wait to see how it ended.
The book started out at a good pace but the middle and ending felt like it was rushed and unfinished. If you are looking for something to pass the time with then this is a okay book for something like that.


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