A Necessary Heresy By Davis Ashura

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A Necessary Heresy (Instrument of Omens Book 3) By Davis Ashura


Book/Novel Author: Davis Ashura

Book/Novel Title: A Necessary Heresy



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Prophesized heroes are reborn. The burden they bear is as terrible as it is necessary.The dead city of Mahadev. In three thousand years, none who have entered those ageless walls have returned to bear word of what evil lurks within. And yet it is there that Cinder and Anya must journey. A hard road with mysteries and dangers abounding.And the greatest of those perils is imprisoned within the ruined temple at the very center of the necropolis’ dark heart. There, Cinder and Anya are given insight into the terrifying truth the world faces. It is an evil so vast that even the dark god, Shet, must bow before its will. It is the bringer of apocalypse, the ender of civilizations. If ever freed, the world will be helpless before its horrific power.Forging an alliance all would have rather avoided, Cinder and Anya have no choice but to work with Shet to take on this greater enemy. Worse, it is a pact that will see them give away that which they hold most precious…
God, if I have to hear the characters agonize over the same things again . I couldn’t finish the book.
The first two books I breezed through. I bogged down after 400 pages in this book. Plot got too twisted. Romantic memories over done.
Good read. Definitely hooked after reading earlier books. Although still a enjoyable book, not quite as riveting as earlier books. Might be because this books focus was mostly on the two main characters. Great originality in the storyline!
Terribly disappointed with this book. Skimmed through the last half as the whole” taking away memories” was just soo stupid. It’s like the author ran out of ideas on how to progress the series so had to find a lazy way to rewind the two main characters storyline. The first book was brilliant. The second not as good but with promise of things picking up. The third was just poor. Think I’m done with this series.
I read TONS of books each month across different aspects of Fantasy and I generally categorize the books into Gouge My Eyes Out, Waste of Time, Meh, Good Enough, Really Good, and So Amazing That I Need To Write A Review (Note: I am NOT a writer – hence the poorly named categories) I never write poor reviews because these authors are struggling to make ends meet and I can only hope they get better over time. That stated, I RARELY place books in the top category and this series definitely belongs in this group. There are some awesome twists, great plot expansions and a rich set of interesting characters and beautifully crafted locations from which the author has elegantly written a highly engaging and entertaining series. This is the type of series that can easily go to 10 books without sacrificing plot or slowing down and I am excited to read the next book as soon as it comes out!
Listen, I know writing is hard and I NEVER leave negative reviews because I want other people to enjoy these books. THAT being said the solution for all of Sira and Shokens progress to be lost and we go back to essentially book 1/2 made this book virtually unreadable by the end. I just dont understand the thought process we finally get our main characters developed for you to start us off at point A again do frustrated loved the serious till this point not looking forward to book 4 now though sadly.


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