A New World By Lina J. Potter

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A New World: A Strong Woman in the Middle Ages (A Medieval Tale Book 9) By Lina J. Potter


Book/Novel Author: Lina J. Potter

Book/Novel Title: A New World

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Once, she did what seemed impossible. Still, her happily ever after is yet to come, as a new struggle arises. A new fight for her life, freedom, and happiness has already begun. A new place, new people, and a new world – and nothing in her hands. She has to start from the very beginning. Lilian Earton has traveled a long way from a modern medic who found herself in the body of a medieval countess, lost and powerless, to a strong, independent, and powerful woman. Caught in the middle of royal conspiracies, takeovers, and intrigues, she has earned her right to proudly stand next to kings, be happy, and never be afraid of anyone. ***A new page in the struggle that is the life of Lilian Earton begins with A Medieval Tale book 9: A New World. A bestselling Amazon series by Lina J. Potter starts with a new page to prove that Lilian is strong enough to fight for her place in the world and her happiness no matter what. A #1 Amazon bestseller series in multiple categories continues with a new twist.

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