A Night by My Fire By Addison Cain

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A Night by My Fire By Addison Cain


Book/Novel Author: Addison Cain

Book/Novel Title: A Night by My Fire

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*”With her signature blend of raw primal passion and emotion, Addison Cain brings us a hot read guaranteed to warm up anyone’s winter night!” –Zoe Blake, USA TODAY bestselling author*
**Blizzards, smoldering attraction, a strong, independent woman, and an untouched soldier who’s more animal than man…**
I pulled my stranger from the river. Breathed life into his lungs.
I saved him in this arctic tundra. Yet he looks at me like a meal. Touches me like I’m his greatest temptation.
Tells me he desires my body to use in a way I’ve never offered myself before.
Storm raging outside my cabin, there is little to do to escape him. Little chance I might survive this encounter unscathed.
He wants life. My life. And I have no choice but to offer it.
And I don’t harbor a single regret.
*A Night by my Fire is a stand-alone novella previous published in a no longer available anthology. This story contains no cliffhangers, but does offer building heat that will burn you from the inside out. Need to warm up in front of a fire? Wrap yourself in a soft blanket and enjoy!*
### Review
“With her signature blend ofraw primal passion and emotion, Addison Cain brings us **a hot read guaranteed towarm up anyone’s winter night**.” -Zoe Blake, USA TODAY bestselling author

“Leave it to the spectacularAddison Cain to do a **sensual and original twist on a classic romance theme.** Loved every word!” -Alta Hensley, USA TODAY bestselling author

“Addison delivers a chilly taleof **unexpected heat that is sure to pique your interest and keep you warm on awinter’s night.** ” -Celia Aaron, USA TODAY bestselling author

“Surlyinjured assassin in the frozen wilderness + badass survivalist chick, not tomention Addison Cain’s mad skills at making pages bleed with life in heruniquely poetic and filthy way = **an addictive read that I inhaled like a freshbreath of winter air.** ” -DD Prince, International Bestselling Author

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