A Parent’s Guide to Social Media By Axis

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A Parent’s Guide to Social Media By Axis


Book/Novel Author: Axis

Book/Novel Title: A Parent’s Guide to Social Media



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Summary & Review

It looks like social media is here to stay. So rather than being afraid of it, how can we train our children to use it well? This guide will help answer questions like:
  * What’s different about how Gen Z uses social media? * What do teens think about their social media use? * What’s good about social media? * What’s bad about it? * How does social media shape us?
This big-picture approach to social media will help you start the conversation and show you and your teen how to approach social media with wisdom, moderation, and a desire to honor God through it.

Parent Guides are your one-stop shop for biblical guidance on teen culture, trends, and struggles. In 15 pages or fewer, each guide tackles issues your teens are facing right now—things like doubts, the latest apps and video games, mental health, technological pitfalls, and more. Using Scripture as their backbone, these Parent Guides offer compassionate insight to teens’ world, thoughts, and feelings, as well as discussion questions and practical advice for impactful discipleship.  





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