A Perilous Perspective By Anna Lee Huber

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A Perilous Perspective (A Lady Darby Mystery Book 10) By Anna Lee Huber


Book/Novel Author: Anna Lee Huber

Book/Novel Title: A Perilous Perspective



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An all-new historical mystery in this USA Today bestselling series featuring beloved inquiry agents Lady Kiera Darby and her dashing husband, Sebastian Gage.Argyll, Scotland. July 1832. After a trying few months in Edinburgh, Kiera and her husband and investigative partner, Sebastian Gage, are eager to escape to the Highlands with their three-month-old child. Kiera is overjoyed for her cousin Rye and her detractor-turned-friend Charlotte who are being wed in a private ceremony at the estate of Rye’s great-uncle, the Marquess of Barbreck, in what seems to be the perfect wedding party.   But when Kiera is invited to peruse Barbreck’s extensive art collection, she is disturbed to discover that one of his most priceless paintings seems to be a forgery. The marquess’s furious reaction when she dares to mention it leaves her shaken and the entire house shocked. For it turns out that this is not the first time the word forgery has been uttered in connection with the Barbreck household.   Matters turn more ominous when a maid from a neighboring estate is found murdered  where the forged painting hangs. Is her death connected to the forgeries, perhaps a grisly warning of what awaits those who dare to probe deeper? With unknown entities aligned against them, Kiera and Gage are forced to confront the fact that they may have underestimated their opponent. For they are swiftly made to realize that Charlotte’s and Rye’s future happiness is not the only issue at stake, and this stealthy game of cat and mouse could prove to have deadly consequences.
Kiera and Gage as parents bring a new dimension to their sleuthing. I like the tie in with Kiera’s knowledge of art and learning more about their extended family history.

A Perilous PerspectiveLady Darby series, Book 10Anna Lee Huber, authorAnother winner for Ms. Huber.Kiera and Gage are at it again …. no rest for the weary, as they say…. and baby Emma is along for the ride. This time, Kiera confronts the murderer and the suspect is willing knives. Will she live for another mystery to solve with Gage? Not to mention, the book ends in a cliff hanger that runs into the next book..I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel. I most highly recommend the book.
These Lady Darby books are getting harder and harder to read. Too many characters, and they are referred to by both their title and Christian name plus the big reveal at the end was laughable and so far-fetched, I was angry I pushed through to the end. So glad I got it through my library and didn’t have to pay $12 for it.
I always eagerly await the new book in the series and then I speed right through it – because I cannot help myself. I love the way the end of each book sets you up for the next one. But …. then you have to wait for the next one to be published. In the meantime, the setting and all the characters were great. And Keira and Gage are wonderful. Please keep these books coming!
I love this series!! Once I begin reading, I can’t put the book down! The characters pull you in and you want to know what is going to happen next! I hope they get picked up to become a movie! I would love to see that!


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