A Queen of Ruin By K.F. Breene

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A Queen of Ruin (Deliciously Dark Fairytales Book 4) By K.F. Breene


Book/Novel Author: K.F. Breene

Book/Novel Title: A Queen of Ruin



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The final book in the Wall Street Journal bestselling series!I thought once we released the curse, I’d only have one enemy to contend with.Wrong.The queen lives. Not only that, but she knowingly hid herself from me and the rest of this kingdom until the moment the curse was broken. Now she is back, and her desires aren’t clear. Neither are her motives.Will she try to take the throne for herself?We can stop her…unless she had a hand in that curse. In which case, will we need to battle her and the demon king before we can finally live in peace? Or has this all been for naught?Regardless, we have very little time before the demon king returns to wipe us out.
Spoiler warning.Well, this series wrapped up well. I’ll admit that this last book was not my favorite. I didn’t feel like it had as much of it’s own plot as some of the other books. It felt very much like it was just wrapping up the threads of past books. (Though one thread never snipped was the blacksmith’s sword. I really wanted to see him give the sword over.)Mostly though, I thought the whole baby and happy family was a pat and unimaginative way to provide a happily ever after. I’m not opposed to it being a plot point, but when it IS the happy ending I lean toward bored.Despite that, I enjoyed spending time with the characters (Hadriel and Vemar especially) and am happy to have continued the story until the end.
I freaking love this series!! I have never laughed, cried, smiled and as Hadriel would say myself while reading this. I expected a spicy romance and instead I got that AND a family in the characters. When I saw this final book came out I was so anxious to read it but also so anxious for it to end. I would love to see a spin off love story between Hannon and Dessia. Anything to stop this series form ending
I absolutely loved having a super long book to revel in!I loved the happy ending, but of course, now I want more!My only small complaint is that there may have actually been too much sex…if that is a thing.Otherwise…perfection.When’s the next book coming?..
I recommend the whole series. The last book is definitely the best. Laughing, crying, K.F. Breene it the type of writer that allows you to see the story unfold in your minds eye. On to the next series, CHEERS!!!
*Sated sigh* ahh, that was excited, heart wrenching, romantic, soo very sweet, wonderful character growth. I’d absolutely love some spin-off novels on characters like Hadriel, Hannon, Leyla, Sable, Dash, Finley’s father, basically everyone! What a wonderful ride this series has been, with a truly satisfying ending.I TRULY hope Breene does some spin-off novels, as I am DYING to know more details about where life takes each of them, and each of their stories would be tremendously entertaining! Here’s to hoping❣️❣️
This was another series by this author that just kept getting better and better with each book. Since this book picks straight up from where Book 3 finished off, you need to have read that one, as well as the other books in this Beauty and the Beast retelling, before picking this one up to wrap up the series. There was plenty of action, intrigue aplenty as enemies came at the main couple from every which way and all the answers to the questions keeping fans of this series up at night. The world building remained strong and, as always by this author, the secondary characters were top notch and an absolute pleasure to read.The author chucked in a few more characters’ points of view in this book and while this can sometimes annoy me, I really enjoyed it here, especially the chapters from Hadriel’s POV (only K.F. Breene could pull off such a great start to a book from a secondary character’s perspective). He continued to be a constant source of humour in the book and I adored his character throughout the series. In A Queen of Ruin, he remained a steadfast and loyal support to Lexi and I loved him. Vemar and Weston were also firm favourites of mine. As for our main couple, there was a surprise or two thrown in but they remained a strong power couple that I couldn’t get enough of. I think K.F. Breene is one of the best (if not the best) in the business for writing strong, kick-you-know-what women that are both likeable and remain true to form throughout her novels. Lexi continued to be everything I want to be when I grow up and I loved how she stayed a powerhouse of female empowerment and might right up to the end of the book: unpretentious, true to her less-than-grand origins, loyal, family-orientated and highly intelligent. As for Nyfain, he continued to be delicious, his dedication and obsession with Lexi an absolute turn-on as he respected her for who she was while still trying to get his own way and throwing spectacular tantrums along the way. It should be weird that I loved his rages, right? Okay, then.As was expected, the long overdue run-in with the demon king finally comes to ahead and while I thought there’d be a bit more involvement by and getting to know the other kingdoms, the great battle scenes more than made up for any extra details I wanted to get my greedy little hands on. I loved the explanations throughout the plot regarding Lexi’s knowledge of plants and the everlass as well as the details the author adds in about the magical world in general. I thought the eventual journey to the demon kingdom and the showdown with Dolion would be extended a bit more than it was (the battle was great, but their arrival and confrontation seemed on the quicker side), but this wasn’t a big deal in the long run, just a personal observation. The readers get to finally solve the mystery of Hanna and his animal and the dynamic of the wolves and the dragons coming together was also dynamite.For those chasing it, there was plenty of the steam that’s been one of the features of this series. There were rough smexy times, Lexi gushing like a waterfall every time Nyfain looked her way again and even a bit of voyeurism and public hanky panky. Oh, and Nyfain’s dirty talk is definitely on the heavier side for those that might need a warning – I love a good cuss so this didn’t worry me. To be honest, I skipped over bits and pieces of these scenes. While the content didn’t worry me in the least (a lot of my reading dives into the darker side of things), there had been quite a bit of it by the time you get to Book 4 and I’m generally far more interested in this author’s excellent world building and story line so I tend to rush over the dong hugging to get back to the plot. But if you’re looking to live vicariously through book characters and get down and dirty with them, this will tick a lot of boxes (excuse the pun – boom!) for you.There’s rebuilding of the kingdom and its villages, near-death experiences, visits to the faery kingdom (hello, Nyfain’s ex), action in droves and plenty to keep readers turning the pages. The author ended a few of the chapters with hints of what was to come which was different but I actually liked this because it helped me prepare mentally for the coming you-know-what-storm. The book definitely ended on a high note for me and while I’m sad this series has come to an end, I’ll definitely be re-reading it again in the future, especially Books 3 and 4 which were absolute standouts for me.To finish, while there was action, mayhem, magic and intrigue aplenty, the story was definitely one of romance and fated mates. In the words of Nyfain to Lexi , ‘There is no before you. There is no after. There is only you. Always.’ Swooooon. FFS, Breene, stop ruining all other book boyfriends for me 🙂


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