A Real Flame Changer By Milly Taiden

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A Real Flame Changer (Paranormal Dating Agency Book 33) By Milly Taiden


Book/Novel Author: Milly Taiden

Book/Novel Title: A Real Flame Changer



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A Standalone PDA Romance in the Haize worldMelody Harper, ex-military and current agent for the Bureau of Alien Affairs, is known to be rough around the edges, so why is Gerri Wilder telling her boss she’s the one who should pose as the girlfriend of some playboy alien prince? Not that Melody would pass up the opportunity for such an important intergalactic undercover mission—she’s just going to have to figure out how to not wring the irritatingly handsome prince’s neck.Prince Unos of the Night Dragon Kingdom wears his scandalous bachelorhood reputation like a badge of honor and has spent years ignoring his parent’s pleas for him to settle down and find a mate. That all changes when he travels to Earth and meets Melody. Now, he’s consumed with thoughts of touching her and filling his lungs with her delicious scent.With a killer’s sights set on Unos, Melody will have to spend every moment with him until the threat is extinguished. But Melody is fending off more than the would-be assassin while Unos does his damnedest to seduce her. In the battle of love and survival, will the Prince live long enough to make the sassy little human his?Read more
Like all MS Taiden’s books the story is very good & well written. The characters are fun, lovable, courageous & sexy. The book will give you the warm fuzzies & make you excited for the next book.
Once again we get swept away within the matchmaking mind of Gerri Wilder and her magical touch when it comes to setting up couples. I love that This one had tons of suspense and a bit of angst within the steaminess.
I love this series. I almost wish they would make it into a t.v. show… , This book was good. I enjoy all of these books and can’t wait to read more. I hope gerri goes back and does some more earth ones and not just space or another planet… There where so many I was hoping gerri would match up… Fingers crossed to see what come next…
Not this authors style. Gerri has new vocabulary and attitude, dropping the ball for the person in the other stories. Characters are Gangsta vocab. Immaturity abounds. No mature ever lasting love, just lust for now.
Book 33 was much better than book 32, thank you I enjoyed this book very much. Would definitely recommend this one
Twists and turns throughout the book! Can a wild prince be tamed?Prince Unos is always causing trouble until his father hears of an assassin sent to kill him!Got in touch with the military that takes care of aliens that come to us through the wormhole. Also gets in touch with none other, Gerri Wilder to find the Prince a mate.A last minute switch in the bodyguard that Gerri picks instead of the one that was picked! She insists and here came a trouble maker that everyone wants to know, Melody. Gerri saying she’s his mate!! What a ride to this book!!


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