A Rich Man’s Wife 2 By Jessica N. Watkins

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A Rich Man’s Wife 2: the Finale By Jessica N. Watkins


Book/Novel Author: Jessica N. Watkins

Book/Novel Title: A Rich Man’s Wife 2



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“She was the bane of my existence. Meeting her had been nothing but suffering because it had only left me in a painful need that was never fulfilled.” – LawLaw and Zuri met in the most unconventional way, but their connection was one of storybooks. It was genuine, poetic, and undeniable. However, haters will always ruin some shit. Learning what truly sent Law her way, Zuri cut off all ties with the man that had finally reminded her of what truly being unconditionally loved felt like.Now, she is starting all over. She has divorced her cheating husband and exiled Law out of her life. She’s met a new man and is so ready for new beginnings. Yet, once again, haters despise seeing you happy. At a family dinner, her own sister spills some tea that is so hot that it will burn an irreparable hole in Zuri’s family and her heart. A family member’s unbelievable betrayal leaves Zuri reeling with despair. However, that is only the start of the whirlwind of treachery, scandal, and drama that’s engulfed in this finale.Is kinship strong enough to birth forgiveness for unthinkable betrayal? Will Law gain his freedom in time to get his girl before she falls in love with her new beau? Those questions and so many more will be answered in A Rich Man’s Wife 2!
Love the book. Wish the series would continue. Maybe more from ox and megan or more what happens to zoey
Wow lots of drama unfolded in this finale! Zoey turned out to be something else. Don’t want to give spoilers but this finale didn’t disappoint.
Such a great read. Loved the storyline of this book. Definitely would like a spin off book. Will be reading more from Jessica.
Loved it. Jessica is AMAZING with plot twists! You will enjoy this one, just as much as the first one.
I loved this series. The character development was very good. They were relatable. I’m glad Law and Zuri got their happy ending. Good job Jessica Watkins
The drama kicked up a notch in the sequel. It moved at a moderate pace. There was a change in person, but it worked here. I can’t really say too much without spoilers. So, all I will say is that this story was a good reminder of be careful how you treat people and to trust your gut before you end up in a scandal.


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