A Sleuth for the Marquess By Sunny Brooks

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A Sleuth for the Marquess: A Historical Regency Romance Novel By Sunny Brooks


Book/Novel Author: Sunny Brooks

Book/Novel Title: A Sleuth for the Marquess

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**The soon-to-be Duchess has begun choosing bridesmaids for her upcoming royal wedding. However, now a mystery is afoot! Of course, with this rather unconventional bride-to-be, nothing can be simple…what would be the fun in that?!**
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The news in London is that Lady Cecelia is to marry the Duke of Sussex, a son of King George. Nicholas, the Marquess of Reyes, is overwhelmed when his sister Lucinda is chosen to be a bridesmaid, only to find himself suddenly caught up in a dark and terrible scheme.
**Lady Teresa is just as thrilled to be chosen as a bridesmaid to Lady Cecelia,** only to be horrorstruck when she sees an important gentleman stealing from Hampton Court, where Lady Cecelia resides! Horrified, she speaks directly to Lady Cecelia, and the truth of the matter comes out.
*Thrown together, Lady Teresa and Lord Reyes work together to protect Lady Lucinda and to discover the shadowy gentleman whose cruelty seems to know no bounds.*
**Will they be able to free Lord Reyes from the villain’s grasp? Or will he succeed in evading them, thereby ruining much more than the upcoming royal nuptials?**

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