A Spinster by the Sea By Grace Burrowes

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A Spinster by the Sea: A Siren’s Retreat Novella By Grace Burrowes


Book/Novel Author: Grace Burrowes

Book/Novel Title: A Spinster by the Sea



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Heiress Anne Baxter seeks a repairing lease by the sea after she’s left standing at the altar for the second time. To her utter mortification, the best man, Augustus, Duke of Tindale, has been invited to a house party at a nearby estate, and comes upon Anne trying to enjoy some solitude along the shore.Augustus believes Anne is far better off without the buffoon who jilted her, but knows polite society will hold the lady accountable for the failed wedding,… weddings, rather. He proposes to show Anne marked attention at the house party, in hopes that a ducal suitor will prove to the gossips just how lovely Anne is. Alas for Augustus’s brilliant scheme, the best laid plans of dukes of damsels, oft go awry!
After being left at the church Anne fled to the seashore to recoop. She fell in love with a duke was reluctant to marry him due to the gossipers. Good ending
Poor Anne has had terrible luck with weddings! It was great to see her coming into her strength. I loved how Augustus and Anne spent time at the beach getting to know each other. It was lovely. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.
Loved the story and the twist involving the main heroine. I liked the development of the supporting characters. I wanted to read all about them also. In fact I wanted to keep reading about the two main characters and used my own imagination to continue the story. Loved it!
I wanted to like it but spoilers ahead,She had a lover, had a baby, didn’t marry her sick lover who she said would have married her cause it would have been in name only, he died anyway. He was gonna die anyway probably before the babe was even born. So she gave her kid away and instead of her kid growing up with her as a widow to the man she loved, she just buh bye, this is hard but whatever people will talk if they found out. It was just flimsy and UGH! I hate it, doesn’t make sense. Really at all she could have raised her child, maybe saved her child from death if she was just like yo bruh you knocked me up!
I love the sweetness of this story. Probably the most beautiful lovemaking scene I’ve ever read. Low on graphic details and heavy on emotion. Just lovely.
I have read quite a few of Buddies novels and this one is one of her best. The character s are well rounded and have life stories to tell.


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