A Tear for the Dead By David Penny

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A Tear for the Dead (Thomas Berrington Historical Mystery Book 9) By David Penny


Book/Novel Author: David Penny

Book/Novel Title: A Tear for the Dead

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Poison and betrayal takes many forms when a Queen is meant to die1491-2: Granada, Andalusia: In a land ravaged by wilful destruction Thomas Berrington tries to serve Queen Isabel as best he can. When an attempt is made on her life only Thomas can save the life of her companion. The assassin doesn’t care who they hurt in their quest to change the conflict that is coming to a conclusion.Alongside his companions Thomas tracks down the culprit only to discover someone else lies behind their actions. For Thomas, Jorge and the others life has grown complex. The end of the 700 year presence of the Moors in Spain. Thomas’s growing conflict over choosing the right woman to share his life. The death of old lovers and friends. Not to mention a party of Ottoman Turks whose presence spreads confusion.Through all of this chaos Thomas tries to do what is right, what is just. Except sometimes the right kind of justice is hard to find.

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