A Train to Moscow By Elena Gorokhova

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A Train to Moscow: A Novel By Elena Gorokhova


Book/Novel Author: Elena Gorokhova

Book/Novel Title: A Train to Moscow



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In post–World War II Russia, a girl must reconcile a tragic past with her hope for the future in this powerful and poignant novel about family secrets, passion and loss, perseverance and ambition.In a small, provincial town behind the Iron Curtain, Sasha lives in a house full of secrets, one of which is her own dream of becoming an actress. When she leaves for Moscow to audition for drama school, she defies her mother and grandparents and abandons her first love, Andrei.Before she leaves, Sasha discovers the hidden war journal of her uncle Kolya, an artist still missing in action years after the war has ended. His pages expose the official lies and the forbidden truth of Stalin’s brutality. Kolya’s revelations and his tragic love story guide Sasha through drama school and cement her determination to live a thousand lives onstage. After graduation, she begins acting in Leningrad, where Andrei, now a Communist Party apparatchik, becomes a censor of her work. As a past secret comes to light, Sasha’s ambitions converge with Andrei’s duties, and Sasha must decide if her dreams are truly worth the necessary sacrifice and if, as her grandmother likes to say, all will indeed be well.
A captivating wonderful story which is hard to put down. Brings back lots of memories from many years ago when I traveled to Moscow and St . Petersburg, when it was still the Soviet Union, and images which I will never forget!
A book written by someone who truly felt and lived the struggles of her main character. Such real accounts of living in the Soviet Union during the cold war era! I cannot stop praising this book for its historical accuracy.
A Train to Moscow gives us an insight into what life was really like in Russia. It enabled me to know and understand the characters. I told my daughter she should read it since her husband is from Odessa, Ukraine.
As little as I know of Russia This seems to be a typical Russian tragedy of lost loves, tragic deaths and unfulfilled dreams. The last 5 chapters make it worth the read but boy there is a lot of “setup” to finally arrive at the finale. Just as in all our lives the characters in this story are shaped by the life events along the way. Some weighty and tragic and others just by products of life! Interesting but not a page turner.
A lot of description about life in Russia and about Russian theater. Is noted the book and would recommend it!
This was my first novel read written from the Russian perspective. Very compelling, full of heartfelt emotion, turmoil, confusion, and, ultimately, supreme decision. Insightful for those who may have limited exposure to what may occur behind the new iron curtain. This author shows much promise and was well worth my time and the thoughtful reading.


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