A United Front By Auburn Tempest

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A United Front (Chronicles of an Urban Druid Book 13) By Auburn Tempest


Book/Novel Author: Auburn Tempest

Book/Novel Title: A United Front



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Ye screw with this lass, ye get put on yer ass.The Culling draws ever nearer—looms really—like a big, fat cloud of doom.With evil brewing, our enemies grow bolder, the warriors of light and dark scramble to be ready for the Winter Solstice, and the Cumhaill fam jam digs in to face the battle of our world’s alignment.No biggie… Team Trouble is on it.For now, the human populations remain oblivious to the imminent battle to come. If we continue to do our jobs right, it’ll stay that way. What you don’t know won’t hurt you, amirite?Yeah-no.If evil gains a stronger foothold in our world, it will definitely hurt you.Amid hexes, hostages, and hot tub horrors, Fi and her family and friends tackle the big questions. Who will join team chaos?Where are Mingin and Melanippe? And…are yeti real?Fiona brings you more druid adventure, family shenanigans, and mythical tales of magic and mystery in A United Front, the thirteenth installment of the Chronicles of the Urban Druid.Go up and click “Read for Free” or “Buy Now” to continue on the adventure with your red-headed lass from Toronto!
Just like all of the other books in this series, I am in absolute love. There is action and adventure and all the good things you want in a good book! I can’t wait to read the next book!
Great read, action in each chapter, keeps you guessing till the end. Love the dragons and animals, the brother’s characters are wonderful . Family unity with kick butt fighting. Can’t wait for the next one.
I have become very attached to the characters and it’s been a very enjoyable adventure they have taken me on!
I read the entire 13 book series. I do not regret a moment of it. It was a wonderful and easy read. I can’t imagine if you like this genre, that you wouldn’t enjoy this series! If you are on the fence. Don’t! Might be one of your favorite jumps yet!!
Still well written, and the characters are still their sweet funny selves, but with the big fight still coming the tone got a bit darker to me. It was difficult to start this book and I even stopped reading entirely for a week when I got near the end, but that could just be a me thing. Still looking forward to the next book, still well written, and totally worth reading.
The whole book is one big inhale and hold your breathe about every thing that’s coming. I can’t wait to read the next one! Epic book in an epic series!


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4.9/5309 ratings