A Wife’s Secret By Elle Gray

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A Wife’s Secret (A Pax Arrington Mystery Book 4) By Elle Gray


Book/Novel Author: Elle Gray

Book/Novel Title: A Wife’s Secret



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“Don’t come looking for me… I have to end this…”Is death as final as it seems? Some believe that a person’s spirit never dies.And for Paxton Arrington, his wife’s spirit lives on in his memories, in his moments of grief, and at times in his moments of hopelessness.To this day, the search for the truth behind her death continues to propel him forward.Paxton never believed the official story… He knew Veronica had been murdered. But he’d been short on evidence to support that belief and for several years, he’d found himself treading water, both with the case of his wife’s death and with the pain of his greatest loss.But then a shocking murder and a mysterious email kick started the investigation into her death once more.While following a trail of clues left by his long dead wife, Paxton finds himself embroiled in a game of cat and mouse against an unknown adversary who is willing to do anything to keep their secrets buried. But what Paxton finds at the end of that trail proved even more elusive and shocking than he had ever imagined…Old foes emerge to stop him, while new friends help Paxton along the way to discover what happened to his wife that cold autumn night.Finding the truth will require him to confront the darkest parts of himself.Getting the answers he’s been looking for, might force him to make the ultimate sacrifice.Darkness has a way of eluding the light.Nothing is ever simple.But one questions remains…What is the price of truth and vengeance?Read more
I liked this book the best of this series so far. The suspense was wonderful. Would recommend this series to anyone who likes funny quips and the good guy wins.
This plus all her books you can’t out down. They keep waiting to see if you can solve the virus mystery.
This book 4 culminates in finding out about Pax’s wife’s murdermurder.Pax Arrington continues his pursuit to find out what happened to His wife.It keeps you reading from the first page to the last where you want to read motors from this writer.
Bravo, Your writingstyle is great, couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait for the next book in the series.Looking forward to it
I liked this book, and the previous ones in this series, a lot. I love the man Pax is, and his relationship with his wife, all the love they had for each other. It gives me hope in people.
I enjoy the Blake series but have struggled getting into.the Paxton series so take my review from that perspective. The plot just moved slow to me after building up for so long. I also had a problem with the pharmaceutical company plot, it just felt political and too far out there.


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