A Year of Mr Maybes By Judy Leigh

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A Year of Mr Maybes: The BRAND NEW feel-good novel from USA Today Bestseller Judy Leigh By Judy Leigh


Book/Novel Author: Judy Leigh

Book/Novel Title: A Year of Mr Maybes



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Never say never to falling in love…Val didn’t expect to be starting again in her seventies, but when life gives her lemons, Val is determined to make lemonade.Settled into her new home – a picture-perfect fisherman’s cottage in the small Cornish seaside town of Lowenstowe – Val is ready to start a new chapter. And with her son due to get married next Christmas, there’s also the little job of finding herself a plus-one to help her face her ex-husband and his new girlfriend.With the support of her neighbour Connie, and after decades of married life, Val takes the plunge back into the world of dating with trepidation and excitement. But can she remember how the single life works, let alone what her type is? There seem to be plenty of Mr Maybes, but no sign of Mr Right.As the year passes, and as friendships and community life flourish, Val begins to blossom. And as Christmas approach, she might just decide she doesn’t need that plus-one after all – although never say never… Judy Leigh is back with her trademark promise of laughter, love and friendship. The perfect feel-good novel for all fans of Dawn French, Dee Macdonald and Cathy Hopkins.Readers love Judy Leigh:‘Loved this from cover to cover, pity I can only give this 5 stars as it deserves far more.’‘The story’s simply wonderful, the theme of second chances will resonate whatever your age, there’s something for everyone among the characters, and I do defy anyone not to have a tear in their eye at the perfect ending.’‘With brilliant characters and hilarious antics, this is definitely a cosy read you’ll not want to miss.’‘This is just one of those books that makes you feel good about being alive!’‘A lovely read of how life doesn’t just end because your getting old.’‘A great feel-good and fun story that made me laugh and root for the characters.’Praise for Judy Leigh:‘Brilliantly funny, emotional and uplifting’ Miranda Dickinson’Lovely . . . a book that assures that life is far from over at seventy’ Cathy Hopkins bestselling author of The Kicking the Bucket List’Brimming with warmth, humour and a love of life… a wonderful escapade’ Fiona Gibson,
It’s always a gamble. I had never heard of this author, but the blurb sounded interesting.There are a few great things about this book. The setting: a small community in Cornwall. The prologue. The slow accretion of interrelated characters. The measured pace at which we get to know the central axis of this book, good-hearted Val. I really enjoyed this.The title? Hmm. Without spoiling anything, the title is something like a MacGuffin. Some of the characters care about it, and it furthers the plot sometimes. I didn’t worry about it myself.

Judy’s book was great fun to read as Val & her friend looked for the right “one”! Great ending too!!!
This was a pretty slow read for me. Not much action and a story you could almost guess what was going to happen next. The ending was sudden and unsatisfying. It’s an okay read it you don’t have anything else to read.
I love Judy Leigh’s books about love, life, community, friendship, and self-discovery with mature characters. In A Year of Mr Maybes, we meet Val, a woman in her seventies that finds out her husband of over 40 years is carrying on a relationship with a younger woman. It is Christmas Day and she locks him out, eats her dinner alone and begins making plans on moving forward without him. A year later, she has moved into her own cottage in the small Cornish seaside town of Lowenstowe. She meets her neighbours and becomes part of the community. When her son lets her know he is getting married in a year, she decides she would like to bring a plus one to the wedding. She embarks on a year of meeting men and dating trying to find someone to bring to the wedding. Along the way, she meets some Mr. Maybes, but finds friendship, community and herself along the way.A Year of Mr Maybes is a very really enjoyable book that I had a great time reading. Being over the age of 60, I always enjoy books with characters closer to my age. It was nice to see Val meeting men and getting to know them. The same issues are there at any age, with some men only looking out for themselves and their needs and others being fun and caring. This isn’t a romance book in the sense of two people meeting and falling in love, but a story about finding someone you can be happy with, but also finding out how you can be happy alone as well. I really enjoyed meeting all the characters that lived in this small village. They complement each other, care about each other and the environment. There is a storyline about protecting the beaches, keeping them clean and raising awareness for these issues. Does Val find her plus one? You will have to read this delightful, humorous story to find out. I recommend it to those who enjoy stories with mature characters, humour and new beginnings, no matter what age you are.
I couldn’t believe it was over. I had to go back to be sure I was at the end. I thought I hit a button! Great read.


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