Accidental Protector By Nicole Snow

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Accidental Protector: A Marriage Mistake Romance By Nicole Snow


Book/Novel Author: Nicole Snow

Book/Novel Title: Accidental Protector



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**Accidentally hitched. Cue the sweet insanity.**
Waking up next to the world’s hottest stranger is my first red flag.
The huge rock on my finger? Hint number two I’m head-over-heels in trouble.
I’m hair-on-fire freaked by the marriage certificate.
Then I sit down with Noah Bernard, my mysterious new “husband.”
He talks a good game.
Easy, when he’d put Hercules to shame.
Olympian abs. Defiant growl. Come-to-mama eyes.
Mammoth freaking ego.
I *almost* wish I remembered our honeymoon.
But I need answers. Not more secrets.
I came to Reno to reinvent myself.
What’s a pretend wife to do with a tight-lipped temporary badass?
Sweet revenge, for one.
Like the day my two-timing ex hears I’ve landed Mr. Perfect.
Hello, unintended consequences.
After Noah finds out, there’s no hiding the truth.
I know why there’s this darkness in his eyes.
I learn how bad my lips can ache for one more kiss.
I see him face down hell itself. *Protecting me.*
I keep asking the inevitable: what if the divorce papers can’t undo love?
*From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow – a marriage mistake rocks two battered hearts home. Snarly alpha hero, full of secrets, eager to protect his little firecracker. Full length romance novel with a jaw-dropping Happily Ever After.* **
### Review
***Praise for Accidental Protector:***
**”Fantastic book full of great banter…smoking hot times along with a few tears. Jump on and enjoy the ride.” -Patti, Reviewer**
“Oh. My. God. Amazing story, action packed, and unpredictable! One wild ride filled with secret glances.” -Lisa M, Reviewer
**”A very good read that sweeps you along into the madcap romance between Mindy and Noah.” -Gladys, Reviewer**
“This book was SO good. Tons of questions and danger and action and oh the lovin’. I was flipping those virtual pages as fast as I could…” -Brenda, Reviewer





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