Accidental Rebel By Nicole Snow

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Accidental Rebel: A Marriage Mistake Romance By Nicole Snow


Book/Novel Author: Nicole Snow

Book/Novel Title: Accidental Rebel

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**Accidentally hitched to a dream. Now for the catch…**
I didn’t even say “I do.”
One crank call and I’m insta-wife to a tattooed behemoth and mother to his kids.
He’s paying my idiot boss a fortune for the perfect lie.
Because trouble found Miller Rush, and he found me.
A rock hard, overprotective rebel with a cause.
Father of the century.
Abs wound tighter than his attitude.
A broodylicious bull stomping around my house, barking orders.
Something’s got to give, okay?
But it won’t be me.
Not my courage, even when my nosy mother smells drama.
Not my heart set on helping two little angels and their perma-grump dad.
Definitely not my body screaming *Mayday* because his bedroom eyes are magnets.
*Deep breath.*
It’s only a few weeks.
It’s only a whole mess of freaky secrets.
It’s only pretend and I’m so not letting Miller run off with my heart.
Riiight. Why didn’t anyone warn me some knots can’t be untied?
*From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow – a high stakes marriage mistake with a twist. One hulking superdad hero goes all-in to save his family and the wife he wasn’t supposed to keep. Full-length romance novel with a Happily Ever After sugar rush.* **
### Review
***Praise for Accidental Rebel:*** ******* * **** **
“Gwen’s instant attraction to the broody, growly single father was almost as intense as my own. This author knows how to write the best alpha heroes, and she really outdoes herself with Miller Rush.” -Viper, Reviewer** ******* *
“I blew off my entire day just to read this exciting, spellbinding journey of Miller, Gwen, Shane, and Lauren!” -Becky, Reviewer
**”This was one thrilling, edge-of-your-seat story with some wonderfully steamy moments. What would happen next kept me reading when I should have been doing chores. If I could give more than 5 Stars, I would…” -Linda, Reviewer**
* * *
* * *
“I loved Gwen and Miller’s story from the start. Their story was intense, fast, steamy and hot in true Nicole Snow style.” -RLoves2Read, Reviewer

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