Accorded Nobility By Daniel Schinhofen

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Accorded Nobility (Binding Words Book 8) By Daniel Schinhofen


Book/Novel Author: Daniel Schinhofen

Book/Novel Title: Accorded Nobility



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After Magistrate Amerut’s attempt to kill him, Sean knew he still had troubles ahead of him. He knew that removing those who still stood against him would be difficult, but with his friends and family by his side, he started making plans.Sean knew better than to simply rush off and commit murder. He worked to protect those dear to him, using his Talents and knowledge to bend the rules of the world he found himself in— sometimes near the breaking point— to craft new marvels.New doors opened when he healed the sister of Knight Toivo Bloodheart, setting more events into motion. Dame Hallie Bloodheart, for her part, proposed a plan to shield Sean from Lord Sharpeyes’s retaliation. She would marry him, which would raise Sean to the station of Knight.Sean accepted the proposal with his wives’ approval, but first, he married Helga, his Chooser. The former Valkyrie was torn over how she should feel about Sean and treat him, but she loved him and was happy to fully join their family.With two new wives and his intentions set, Sean went to Lord Sharpeyes’ party. Though his plan to force the Lord into a duel was thwarted, so too was Lord Sharpeye’s plan to murder all of his enemies. The battle left many nobles dead and Lady Sharpeyes indebted to Sean.Once all of his troubles in Hearthglen had been dealt with, Sean was ready to move on. While the massive city of Accord was certain to present its own problems, Sean felt confident that he could face them with the backing of his family and friends.
I skip the sex parts of the references to it. So it’s like a portion of the book fades to black. I otherwise enjoy the author’s writing. This was a stage set piece, won’t say to what here, no spoilers. A good read.

I used to really like Schinhofen’s books. Alpha World told a story of a group of damaged people escaping to another world and coming together to form a family. There was emotion and growth and the characters felt like real people. But kind of story-telling started to fade after that series conclusion, and its been a halting descent into… I don’t have a good phrase to encapsulate it, so I’ll just explain.In the last book, the main character acquires a manor and a bunch of staff to go with it. The staff are all attractive females who are interested in sleeping with the protagonist. There’s a round-robin introduction scene where each steps forward, and then there’s a short paragraph describing each woman’s physical characteristics, their duties, and possibly one quirk about them. It’s done like an assembly line. Later, as the protag goes about the house, he meets each of them in turn, and has a quick conversation with them, like he’s wandering around a video game and checking boxes on a quest to-do list. Some readers found the sudden the addition of something like a baker’s dozen female romantic interests to be a bit much, and the way they were introduced and written felt a little lazy. One-dimensional.So, after the climactic battle at the end of the last book, this one starts out with a much slower tempo. A great time for character interaction, growth, etc. And the protag proceeds to awkwardly invite each of the female staff to his office and sit there like an awkward therapist in a sitcom and ask them two or three questions in an attempt to get to know them. It’s cringey, awkward, and felt plain wrong to me. When I stopped to think about it, I realized the author’s solution to treating these characters like objects in the last book was to sit down and assembly line them the barest bits of backstory. Which is still objectification.Then I realized that the protag in Alpha World was successful because he came up with innovative solutions to problems and took the time to treat the game as if it were real. And the protags in more recent Schinhofen books just come into the world from the outside, are gifted a bunch of power/strength, and proceed to use that strength to enforce their will upon the new world, all while being praised for being super smart because they brought in knowledge from literally outside of the world.So yeah, I hope this trend can be reversed, because I’ve only kept reading the last 3 or 4 books out of a sense of loyalty or trying to see the various stories to the end.
I’ll start by saying this is a filler but not a filler. It is a world builder and heads in a great direction. Unlike previous books this one has more “fade to black” scenes and is all the better for it. There is almost no filler but rather character development or world building. Amazing book can’t wait to read the next one!
The author is great but this book didn’t move the plot much. Seemed like just a filler book. I hope next is better.
Thanks for taking the time to put this together. What a great series. just finish my second read. Hard to put down. Very well done.


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