Advancing the Common Good By Philip Kotler

Advancing the Common Good: Strategies for Businesses, Governments, and Nonprofits by Philip Kotler

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Book/Novel Author: Philip Kotler

Book/Novel Title: Advancing the Common Good

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  • In Advancing the Common Good, stories of prominent reformers fighting for the Common Good will inspire concerned readers and voters, and help them recognize which actions and proposals will substantially elevate the happiness and well-being of citizens. Describes how today’s society is in a state of “durable disorder,” with a rise in authoritarian leaders and a decline in the number of democracies around the world Highlights the role of the Common Good, and supplies readers with a guide to fortifying democratic values and supporting and creating organizations that pursue a better vision of the world Stresses how authoritarian leaders abandon the basic agreements of civil and human rights and the rule of law, breaking up long-standing agreements and values that provided a coherent philosophy and outlook for their nation Addresses the loss of common values and the meeting of community needs through goodwill organizations and movements, as well as legislation intended to protect and enhance common values Looks to past movements for inspiration, drawing upon how leaders such as Martin Luther King and U.S. presidents including Lyndon Johnson and Barack Obama fought racism and oppression with action and public policy

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