After We Emerge By Jamie Campbell

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After We Emerge By Jamie Campbell


Book/Novel Author: Jamie Campbell

Book/Novel Title: After We Emerge

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I was wrong about the world being over. It’s only just beginning but it is nothing like what I expected.
The ships were supposed to save us. Garlind and I headed straight for them and unknowingly ran into a terrible trap. Now we have to hide and rally a world devoid of hope and order if we’re going to survive.
There are rumors about the former president. They say he still lives and can command an army from his hiding place. We need that army in order to stand a chance of reclaiming our planet. So we are going to find them.
And we will make them listen to us.
Join the search in Book Two of the Emerge series as we seek the ones that are needed to reclaim this dystopian world.

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