After We Fight By Jamie Campbell

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After We Fight (The Emerge Series Book 3) By Jamie Campbell


Book/Novel Author: Jamie Campbell

Book/Novel Title: After We Fight

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We have nothing left. Everything and everyone went up in smoke, incinerated the aliens trying to take over our planet.

There’s nobody left to help us now. All we have is hope and a dream of a better world. It’s going to be up to us if we’re going to make it happen. We will find people and we will create a movement that the aliens will never see coming.

We will make them stand up and listen. We will not let our pain and grief sicken us. Even when we are pushed to the very brink of extinction. Even if I lose everyone I love in the meantime.

Join the soldiers in Book Three of the Emerge series as the fight is taken to the very battleground where it all began.

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