Age of Unreason By Warren Kinsella

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Age of Unreason: The X Gang By Warren Kinsella


Book/Novel Author: Warren Kinsella

Book/Novel Title: Age of Unreason

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The X Gang must stand up for their beliefs in a changing world. A new face of violence and hate has come to Portland, Maine, and the punks in the X Gang find themselves targeted once again. It is the early eighties, and the youth subculture they have grown up in is changing. Kurt, X, and the others have reluctantly concluded that they are unlikely to ever change the world with their punk anthems, but that injustice is still worth fighting against. The friends lean on each other for the strength to deal with death, addiction, sexism, and racism they see all around them. Meanwhile, the police and the FBI are on the trail of a killer, and a member of the X Gang holds the secret to the fugitive’s sinister motivations. Age of Unreason tells the shocking story of how hatred can become a cause, and how we must stand together against it no matter the cost.

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