Aldo By Lisa Cullen

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Aldo: A Bear Shifter Fantasy Romance (Shifters of Beaver Brook Book 3) By Lisa Cullen


Book/Novel Author: Lisa Cullen

Book/Novel Title: Aldo



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Taria Love is wild. It cannot be tamed. I am a leopard, born of the snow and the wilderness, and the man I love? Well, he’s off limits. If my family ever learned about the bear I snuck out at night to be with they would disown me. Or worse—they’d go after him. They don’t understand. They think love belongs only within the pack and amongst out kind but I know the truth. Love does not fit into the confines of someone’s definition simply because it makes them more comfortable. Love is wild. It cannot be tamed.And neither can I.My love for Aldo will put his life at stake one day. I know that as well as he does but it’s a risk we’re willing to take. The only thing we didn’t prepare for is what happens after the dust settles. What happens after we get our happily ever after?Beaver Brook is not as peaceful a place as it seems… and the serpents don’t only live in the valley. They’re here too, in town, slithering through the grass waiting for their chance to strike. As long as we have each other we’ll get through this.As long as we have each other the evil in this town will be kept at bay.This is the third book in Lisa Cullen’s latest series, Shifters of Beaver Brook, a paranormal romance series set in a little town, away from the big city hustle.This is a hot and spicy, super steamy paranormal bear shifter fantasy romance from Lisa Cullen with an HEA and no cliffhangers. Oh, and you’ll meet the feisty leopard too. Fans of Zoe Chant, Terry Bolryder, Harmony Raines and Ruby Dixon may like this bear shapeshifter series.Note: You’ll get to meet dragon shifters, wolf shifters, leopard shifters, panther shifters, alphas and omegas through the series. Lots of fun in store for you!Warning: Adults Only





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