Alien Most Wanted By Honey Phillips

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Alien Most Wanted: Prison Mate (Folsom Planet Blues Book 2) By Honey Phillips


Book/Novel Author: Honey Phillips

Book/Novel Title: Alien Most Wanted



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When Lori finds herself on a dangerous prison planet, an even more dangerous alien warrior is her only hope for survival…After a bad breakup, Lori is determined to make some changes in her life. Being transported to an alien prison isn’t what she has in mind.When the monstrous warden casually tosses her to one of the massive inmates, her fate is all too clear. She should be terrified. Instead, the big alien warrior arouses an unexpected passion.Unlike his brothers, Altrez hasn’t always been on the right side of the law. But when he discovers that one of them has been wrongfully imprisoned, he is determined to free him. After his first attempt goes horribly wrong, he recklessly decides to have himself incarcerated as well.He didn’t expect a luscious human female to complicate his plans, but that won’t stop him from claiming her. Now all he has to do is find his brother, free them all from the prison, and convince his mate that he’s not really a criminal after all. Simple, right?Although each book in the Folsom Planet series can be read as a standalone romance, there is an underlying story arc that continues throughout the series. This sweet and steamy romance is intended for mature audiences.

I am looking forward to the next book more. This was great, but I liked the first in the series better.
I liked this book a lot. Lori and Altrez are interesting characters. Lori had been looking for more adventure. She’s a bit thrown into the deep end but manages to not fall apart completely. And it’s great to see Altrez’s care for both Lori and his brothers.
This is one of my top 5 favorite authors and it because I always know that when I read a book of hers, it will be an enjoyable escape into a fascinating story. Another job really well done.
Just enough spice, a well fleshed out world, as a sequel, continually building characters. Sexy, nice that the characters are half brothers, so family but each physically different from the other, lol. Decent action, good drama, decent depth for the length of book. Excited for the next!
An alien smuggler named Altrez gets himself imprisoned when a rescue attempt for his older brother goes horribly wrong. Unfortunately for Altrez, his brother did manage to escape and now he has to free himself. But an abducted human female throws a wrench in his plans in more ways than one. This book was exciting, scary and oh so steamy. I loved it.


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