Alien Most Wanted By Honey Phillips

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Alien Most Wanted: Mastermind (Folsom Planet Blues Book 3) By Honey Phillips


Book/Novel Author: Honey Phillips

Book/Novel Title: Alien Most Wanted



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Can an icy alien warrior save the woman who finally thaws his frozen heart?Sophie’s life is a mess. She’s broke and on the verge of losing her home. Her former lover – and former boss – wants nothing to do with her or the child growing inside her.Just when she thinks life can’t get much worse, she’s kidnapped and transported to an alien prison. When she is presented to a sternly forbidding – and disturbingly attractive – alien lord, she expects the worse. Instead, she discovers a hidden streak of tenderness beneath that icy exterior.Leavent believes in control. Everything in his life – from his quarters to his relationships – is arranged to his exact specifications. But when his brothers need help, he has no choice except to go to their rescue.From the moment he arrives on Folsom and discovers his brothers are missing, his restraint starts to slip. But the most unexpected challenge to his formidable control is a beautiful, forbidden, human female.As more and more secrets are revealed, can he find a way to save Sophie, his brothers… and perhaps even himself?Although each book in the Folsom Planet series can be read as a standalone romance, there is an underlying story arc that continues throughout the series. This sweet and steamy romance is intended for mature audiences.
Enjoyable but a little too brief. Needed more character development and time spent on relationship growth. Claims of love made too soon.
This was a great introduction to Honey Phillips. She has a trope and sticks to it. The third book gave the trope a satisfying tug and turned it gently upside down. The females and males are well written and the fated mate with a charming twist gave the characters the ability to have some insta love. I’m looking to see how the main character in book 4, gets fixed. Definitely worth the read.
I gave this book 5 stars. I love the new aspect, but also the danger and the alphaness of the males.
Sophie and Leavent also met at the prison but this time he was not a prisoner. Well, that’s part of the story but there is much more. Enjoy
Entertaining quick read about the rescue of his two brothers.I read this after the fourth by error. Actually liked that I did.Would love a future book with some of the children (now adults) as main characters
This is a fairly quick read. A good story about the earth girl who discovers the alien of her dreams.


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4.9/5309 ratings