Alive By Joseph Stone

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Alive By Joseph Stone


Book/Novel Author: Joseph Stone

Book/Novel Title: Alive

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The unseen resident of 515 Cambria Pines Road is very much alive… and he will not be ignored.

Kristen Cole , a clinical psychologist, is shaken by misfortune when her retired father falls victim to a terrible accident. She journeys to the seaside hamlet of Cambria, California, where she lays his body to rest. Distraught and faced with the need to sell her father’s house quickly, Kristen employs a local contractor to renovate it for sale.

Tony De Luca is a young man in search of becoming a successful craftsman and woodwork artist. When Tony lands the opportunity to restore a magnificent old house, he believes he can reverse the effects of time to make the handsome property the cornerstone of his portfolio. Tony’s fiery new boss, however, becomes a distraction he never expected to want.

Ryan Hoffman is a wealthy entrepreneur and protégé of Kristen’s father. When he comforts the red siren after her father’s passing, the clever man soon swipes Kristen off her feet. At the chance to win her hand forever, Ryan stops at nothing to impress her.

When Kristen falls in love, she learns why her heart must not be given to any other man.

The Ghost of Cambria is a reverse-harem paranormal romance series that will force you to question what is real and what is delusion. **


“From beginning to end, Ghost of Cambria causes the reader to question all that they know about its characters and the underlying mystery revolving the storyline. The author builds an eerily poetic atmosphere with its audience in which they feel oddly uncomfortable but yearn to know what comes next. This complex tale of twisting turns and horrific adventure is for any thriller reader. …The characters are beautifully drawn, and I was guessing right up till the end! Stone writes with a deep understanding of the darker side of the human heart and what may drive someone to extreme behavior.” –, ?????

Must Read The story has elements of surprise, anguish, conflicting emotions, passion, mystery & suspense. – V, Inkitt Reviewer, ?????

Highly Recommended I personally love this book. …Joseph Stone has a great format of writing and has a way of getting you hooked to the story. – Fire, Inkitt Reviewer, ?????

WattPad Story Rankings (June-November 2019)

1 Paranormal Romance

1 Paranormal Horror

1 Paranormal Mystery

1 Parapsychology

1 Ghostly Love

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