All Is Faerie in Love and War By Isla Frost

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All Is Faerie in Love and War: A Thrilling Urban Fantasy (Fangs and Feathers Book 2) By Isla Frost


Book/Novel Author: Isla Frost

Book/Novel Title: All Is Faerie in Love and War



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If the devil is knocking at your door, don’t open it.A simple enough rule to follow… or so you’d think.When a criminal has magic too dangerous to merely lock up, we send them to a blackout prison.Hell would’ve been a better destination for this guy.As a lowly cop in the LVMPD’s Rapid Response unit, I’m used to dealing with all kinds of dumpster-fire scenarios. From drunk salamanders on a building-melting bender and angry manticore landlords threatening to eat tenants’ gallbladders in lieu of payment, to human summoners calling up monsters from the deep to impress their girlfriends—to name a few.But learning about the magic I shouldn’t have while facing off against a psychopath who’s worked me into his infernal plans for worldwide torment? That’s decidedly outside my wheelhouse.Oh, and my one and only fae friend is acting really strange.I have to stop this devil from bringing hell to earth.But I’m petrified I’m going to help him pull it off instead.Warning: This urban fantasy series contains danger, mayhem, humor, and heart, with characters you’ll fall for—including a vampire with an unbeating heart of gold, a book-hoarding dragon who eats criminals for breakfast, a mysterious faerie who’s as hot as the desert he slunk out of, and a human heroine who’ll fight to save them all.Fans of Kim Harrison, Annette Marie, Ilona Andrews, K.F. Breene, Hailey Edwards, or Patricia Briggs, dive into this thrilling new world for a feel-good, action-packed adventure with a dash of slow burn romance.The complete trilogy is available now!Dragons Are a Girl’s Best Friend (Book 1)All Is Faerie in Love and War* (Book 2)Vampires Will Be Vampires (Book 3)*This book was briefly titled Never Feud with Faeries
This series is the first read by this author. It was hooked from the beginning. Really enjoyed the characters (really hated the bad guy). Can’t wait or next book in the series.
Within the first few pages, after the recap, the story presented is impossible. Simply unimaginable and quite frightening. If you weren’t frightened then you weren’t paying attention. The story is then made even worse and more impossible, as all good stories do. I was very much afraid that there would be an “act of god” to unscramble this nightmare but no. Isla Frost is simply amazing and thread by thread solved the impossible. I’m now a fan for life.
This is a fun, very swift paced sequel to the first book. Made me laugh out loud and covered a lot of moral issues that need a lot more consideration. Fast read.
Ok so I loved book one, however… the middle of this book gets really slow. All of the compulsion’s became a bit boring. I found myself having to put the book down and having to hope it would get more interesting to keep reading. The last 2 chapters were great and I hope the next book is as good as the first. I loved the AI!
This story was incredible. The story was so fast and had me feeling all kinds of emotions. I was so frustrated with Lyra and her stubbornness to tell the truth and the frustration with Metcalf for being so evil. I will say I loved the ending.
Sorry but this book only gets a single star. The main character is beyond stupid. I’m talking no common sense, do everything possible to get killed, kind of stupid. The first book was entertaining. This book took a nosedive off a cliff into a pile of garbage. Won’t be reading anything else in this series.


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