Alpha Bully By Renee Rose

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Alpha Bully By Renee Rose


Book/Novel Author: Renee Rose

Book/Novel Title: Alpha Bully



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Her mom robbed my dad of his job. Destroyed his life.
Now I have to look at her every day.
The girl next door. A human. A hot little nerd.
She doesn’t belong here—not in Wolf Ridge,
not at our high school, definitely not in my life.
She doesn’t know what I am.
Which makes it all the easier to take revenge.
I will bring her to her knees. Pierce her heart.
Make her bleed. For me.
All for me.
**USA Today bestselling author Renee Rose delivers on this intense new adult shifter bully romance.
* * *
### Review
*5.0 out of 5 stars* “An OUTSTANDING first and TOTAL MUST-READ paranormal New Adult ROMANCE!” ??????????
“I have never read a bully book likes this, nor a shifter book like this. **It’s unique and perfect.**  It has hot scenes, heartbreak, redemption, lust, love and everything in-between.” 
“I can **fully love this book** and not hate myself for it.  Will I read more bully romance in the future? Maybe. **Will I read more from this author? Abso-F-ing-lutely!** ”
“This book was **so delicious.** ”
“If you enjoy a bully romance, especially one with shifters, then **Alpha Bully is a must read**!”
“This book was **a complete surprise**.”
### From the Author
“I thought I wouldn’t be interested, but I should have known better… it’s a Renee Rose. Yeah, I’m in…”  –Melissa MH after reading a snippet from Alpha Bully.**
Bully romance is the new dark romance catch-phrase, just like reverse harem took over for the term menage a couple years ago. My latest release, Alpha Bully, draws from all that is wonderful about the hot new genre, but the label may be a turn off to some.
The word “bully” carries a negative charge, so a lot of people have a reaction to the trope. I deliberated over putting it in my title or using it as a genre descriptor when I named Alpha Bully, a wolf shifter enemies-to-lovers high school romance. 
Before you judge, let’s break it down. What the heck is this bully romance, anyway? 
To me, it’s the same as any dark romance with an “alpha-hole” hero. He’s the dark, brooding type. It’s an enemies-to-lovers trope, but it’s set in high school, so it’s angsty, hot and delicious in that emotions-are-huge-when-you’re-18 way.
It’s the hero’s age and life situation that makes him a bully. There’s a mixture of rebelliousness in there because he’s not in total power of his life yet. The younger hero has all the swagger and cockiness of the dark romance hero, all the dominance, but he has limited power. Unlike one of my mafia heroes, who truly wields and owns his power, this hero still lives under the constraints of parents, teachers, school. 
And while some bully romances are written for a YA audience, mine are not. I write steamy, so my characters are over 18 before they have sex and the books will be labeled “new adult” for over 18 readers. Because like all my books, readers can expect a hot, dominant alpha male, unavoidable conflict and of course, the hero will eventually end up on his knees for the heroine before they get their HEA. So tell me, did I pique your interest enough to give it a try?  I certainly hope so.





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