Alpha’s Oath By Claire Cullen

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Alpha’s Oath (Stormshield Book 2) By Claire Cullen


Book/Novel Author: Claire Cullen

Book/Novel Title: Alpha’s Oath



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Plagued by strange symbols he doesn’t understand, Prince Cleo agrees to the only path open to him—a life of solitude in the priory. But fate has a very different plan.With their kingdom fighting for survival, a wedding isn’t on the cards for Thorne. A good brother and fighter, he’s willing to do anything to protect his home. He’d be a good husband too, but he’s not the kind of alpha a typical omega falls for. His future looks lonely until he finds an omega prince washed up on the shore.Cleo always wished he’d been born a normal omega, the kind that went on the marriage circuit and found themselves a husband. That Cleo would never have fallen overboard during a storm and wound up stranded on a deserted island with an alpha prince. Maybe he can’t have the life he’s always wanted, but he can pretend, just for a little while.Alpha’s Oath is the second book of the Stormshield series. It’s a m/m shifter romance with a dash of magic. It contains mpreg and mature themes.
I’ve read my fair share of books by Claire Cullen, but this might be her best yet. It for sure ranks in the top 3 for me. There was a wonderful sense of adventure throughout, the arc of the main characters was fresh and inspired and drew me in from the very first page, and I loved the humor that was sprinkled throughout the book.
Book one sucked me right in and book two was just as good. Cleo and Thorne had their own challenges to face and I’m left with questions. Rex will hopefully be the next book, I’ll be watching for it, really enjoyed these
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, especially after reading the first Storm Shield book. In this book, Prince Thorne, the second prince in the Storm Shield kingdom, unexpectedly meets and rescues Prince Cleo on a deserted island. Thorne is on an expedition on the island for the week and he invites Cleo to join him. The two begin to have feelings for each other, but so much is unknown. When they return to Storm Shield, will the two be able to deepen their relationship or was it just a fling? I like the way this author paces the story ad doesn’t leave the reader for too long on one dilemma. There is a lot of action, some limited passion, and a story where omegas are important and respected. The shape-shifting, alchemy, and runes make the story that much more magical. I look forward to the next book in the series.

This fantasy series has officially become one of my favorites. Please note that it is for mature readers only. The world Claire Cullen has built is exciting, mysterious, and full of romance and even more magic, yet there’s not a wizard or witch or warlock anywhere in it. It is so much fun to find a new world of the magical. Yes, it has shifters, alphas, omegas, and betas, but with a different slant on it all. It’s been a joy to be immersed in this second story of Stormshield so, yes, I highly recommend it.
I loved the second book just as much as the first and that was surprising in it of itself. The sex scenes were its only downfall but still 5/5.


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