Alpha’s Sacrifice By Skye Wilson

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Alpha’s Sacrifice: A Rejected Mates Romance (Chosen By The Alpha Book 2) By Skye Wilson


Book/Novel Author: Skye Wilson

Book/Novel Title: Alpha’s Sacrifice



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They’re on enemy sides, and he’s determined to win the battle for her heart…After being rejected by her fated mate, Luna knows better than to trust her heart. Now Remus, the alpha of a rival clan, is making a move for her affections.Luna knows their attraction is dangerous. But when Remus reveals that her mother, who she thought was long dead, is still alive, she decides to risk going with Remus to his territory in search of answers.In Texas, she discovers an entire family that she never knew about. Although not everyone is happy about the mother-daughter reunion and Luna is treated with suspicion. Once again, she feels like an outcast, especially when Remus is under increasing pressure to distance himself from her and search for his mate.Taking his eyes off the enemy proves to be a mistake, and he learns too late that rivals exist where he least expected. Leaving Luna caught directly in the middle…
XXX! ADULT CONTENT, READER DISCRETION ADVISED. Luna was rejected very publicly by her fated mate. Her father was a bad man, er wolf. Whatever. His abusive mate was worse. Luna’s siblings were abusive. Still she has a great outlook on life and keeps forgiving. Remus is a jerk to Luna at first. Then he sees her and all her worth. Then he can’t let her go. Only no one wants them together. As Alpha, Remus is expected to find his fated mate. Luna is betrayed again by multiple people, even as she is rejecting Remus as they want. Remus is betrayed as well. By those he should have been able to trust the most.
First off I have to say I really and truly by don’t like Fiona!!! I’m sick of her.. I honestly cannot wait until the 28th to read the 3rd book… Definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat.
I just can’t stay interested in a story that seems to drift and skip and float like everyones either high incapable of a higher reasoning level. IDK if its an age thing a shifter in this world thing or a me thing, but i am honestly wanting the main H to get her head out of her ass and make some hard decisions for her life. Although if the author is wanting us to be ok if she kills off the H, i am to that point that ya know she might be better off at the rate of DUH she’s living. GODS the tears, cry cry cry over everything, at some points hell yes cry but over everything really?!?!?! /wrists.
IGOTTA WAIT A MONTH!!!! I read the first two in less than a week I was absolutely hooked. Poor Remus and Luna can NOT catch a break for nothing but I’m rooting for them. And that Fiona whew I wanna slap her old ass!
Luna and Remus are strong characters.They find comfort in each other when others want them apart.Marnet is the biggest opstical. His mother who still feels in charge is next
Oh my goodness it’s getting so good. I don’t what to give away to much, but I must say I do not like Rumus Mother. Poor Luna can not catch a break, My heart aches for her. I can’t wait to read the next book. I do hope Rumus comes out at the better end of this and stronger than ever.


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