Already Missing By Blake Pierce

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Already Missing (A Laura Frost FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 4) By Blake Pierce


Book/Novel Author: Blake Pierce

Book/Novel Title: Already Missing



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Women are turning up dead, clocks found mysteriously around their necks, ticking away the seconds before their death. Can FBI Special Agent (and psychic) Laura Frost stop this serial killer before time runs out on his next victim? “A MASTERPIECE OF THRILLER AND MYSTERY. Blake Pierce did a magnificent job developing characters with a psychological side so well described that we feel inside their minds, follow their fears and cheer for their success. Full of twists, this book will keep you awake until the turn of the last page.”–Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos (re Once Gone)ALREADY MISSING (A Laura Frost FBI Suspense Thriller) is book #4 in a long-anticipated new series by #1 bestseller and USA Today bestselling author Blake Pierce, whose bestseller Once Gone (a free download) has received over 1,000 five star reviews. The series begins with ALREADY GONE (Book #1).FBI Special Agent and single mom Laura Frost, 35, is haunted by her talent: a psychic ability which she refuses to face and which she keeps secret from her colleagues. Yet as much as Laura wants to be normal, she cannot turn off the flood of images that plague her at every turn: vivid visions of future killers and their victims.This time, Laura’s visions aren’t just confusing—they run directly counter to the evidence. Following them can get her fired.But not trusting them can mean a life.Will her gift lead her down the wrong path?And will this killer’s sick mind games finish her off for good?A page-turning and harrowing mystery thriller featuring a brilliant and tortured female protagonist, the LAURA FROST series is rife with murder, mystery and suspense, twists and turns, shocking revelations, and driven by a breakneck pace. Fans of Robert Dugoni, Melinda Leigh and Lisa Regan are sure to fall in love. Pick up this fresh new mystery series and you’ll be flipping pages late into the night.Book #5 (ALREADY DEAD) is now also available!
Loved how I was sitting on edge. Story kept me riveted. Can’t wait for what happens next. It will be amazing.
This suspense thriller by Blake Pierce was so awesome. This book let me into the life of Laura Frost and Nate Lavoie. I am hoping beyond hope that this partnership will get worked out for the better. Then there’s her daughter Lacey who I hope will give her incentive to stay sober. We know that Laura has a psychic ability which she is haunted by. This book was was definitely hard to put down. I loved that she is able to keep track of Amy Fallow and get custody of her daughter but you know nothing is ever simple or easy with Laura Frost and those she cares about. I loved that you had Laura tell Nathaniel her truth and what he does with It is up to you Blake Pierce. Can’t wait to read the next book . This was to me one of the best of the books so far. I Highly recommend this series and definitely this book .
I’m not sure yet whether or not I like Laura. Pierce has flawed heroes, and Laura is a bit more flawed than usual. I want to like her, but she keeps getting in the way. I do like Nate, and it’s terrible that we keep getting reminded that he’s going to die.
I couldn’t put this one down! Laura and Nate’s relationship being on the rocks and the “time” chasing murderer kept me engrossed the entire time! This series keeps getting better!
Wonderful book! The murderer was a twist that threw me off but the investigative work was good. Nate’s reaction to a serious conversation bothered me BUT it wasn’t totally unexpected, just disappointing. I enjoyed this book a lot and the killers reasons for doing what they did had me not wanting to put the book down!
In this series, Laura Frost has an ability to get visions of the crime scenes, sometimes in the future. She has no control over this ability, other than realizing by touching things or people she may get a vision of their future, or what has happened. Her partner does not believe she has visions and is keeping information from him, or is delusional and needs professional help. It’s an uphill battle for Laura, but she continues to use the information she gets from her visions to track down the killer. An excellent read, hard to put down, and follows a logical but intriguing path to the killer. The ending is exciting and harrowing! Enjoy the book, well worth reading, I am looking forward to reading the next book!


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