Always Someone’s Monster By Lani Lynn Vale

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Always Someone’s Monster (Battle Crows MC Book 1) By Lani Lynn Vale


Book/Novel Author: Lani Lynn Vale

Book/Novel Title: Always Someone’s Monster



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A few years ago, when his sister went missing, Haggard Crow turned into something he never wanted to be. A killer.Even after his sister is rescued a year after she was kidnapped and sold, Haggard ‘Thief’ Crow doesn’t have any plans on changing. He sort of likes the zero fucks given guy that he is now.Bonus points, he saves women and children from extreme situations, along with his club and real life brothers by his side.After a horrible marriage, Haggard has zero plans of ever finding a woman again. One-night stands not counting, he adores his life as a single man. There are no expectations. No ‘where are yous’ and ‘are you coming homes.’The life he chooses to live is a simple one. Until he makes a huge mistake, and he steps over that line between ‘daughter’s best friend’ and ‘a woman he desperately wants.’Before long, he can’t stop thinking about her. Can’t stop wanting her. Can’t stop feeling things for her that a man twenty years her senior should never feel for a girl he watched grow up.After one lapse in judgment, he decides she needs to go. But the funny thing is, he never expected Sophia Madden to fight back. And dirty at that.
Haggard is her fathers best friend, and C!em*s (her best friend) father. She knew she’s shouldn’t feel this way about him. Haggard knew the reform this could cause, a 20 year age difference, is best friend daughter… But when someone breaks into his house while she is the alone, all bets age off..i didn’t think i would get into this read. But once i did OMG… As usual LLV did not fail. Just have tissues handy
So this is hard to say because I love Mrs. Vales books & I say this every time I write a review. Mrs. Vale is one of the couple of Authors who I have on pre-order. I have been reading her books for the past 7 years, and for a long time got to always review her books for my old blog. I had been so excited about another new series starting up and jumping into it. But unfortunately I think it’s time for me to give up Mrs. Vales books. I haven’t mentioned it in my reviews recently but I know in the past I’ve mentioned how her books have become repetitive and predictable. And this one is NO different than the others. **May Be Some Spoilers Ahead** 1) Oh Look MC has stalker or attacker or someone obsessed with them. Now where have I read that scenario from? Hmmm, maybe 10 other books Mrs. Vale has written. Though evidently this person was supposed to be going after Clem & that was never really explained why. 2) Oh Look 1 of the supporting characters DIES & OH LOOK THEIR BACK FROM THE DEAD. Where have I read that scenario from? Oh from one of Mrs. Vales books. And that’s one of my biggest pet peeves from authors, not just Mrs. Vale. But all authors. If your going to kill off a character for the love of everything KEEP THEM DEAD. I hate when they bring back a character. 3) The MC runs off without a phone after her guy says to stay home? Where have I read that before? One of Mrs. Vales books. That whole ending just took away from the whole book and made me not even think of Sophia and Haggard. Anyways yeah the book was good until the end. I could Almost…. Almost forgive her for killing off Madden. But unfortunately she had to bring back someone who was supposed to be DEAD. So yeah I’m tried of reading the same storylines. Giving this book 2 Stars out of 5!!!
Always Someone’s Monster by Lani Lynn Vale is book one in Battle Crows MC…this is the best MC book I’ve read. It’s also the first book of Ms Vales I’ve read. The characters are so rich and full. She handles situations we have in everyday life. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.
An ok read. Not a whole lot about the MC. The MC was secondary to the H and h story. Not sure if I’ll read the next book.
Loved this book! Haggard and Sophia loved each other for a while, but never acted on it due to the large age gap. She was his daughter’s best friend and he was her father’s best friend…needless to say, love finds a way. But there’s a lot of tragedy along the way!!! LLV made me cry at several times in this book! Make sure you have plenty of tissues on hand!! Make no mistake, this is a fantastic example of her stories, and I highly recommend it! If I could give it more than 5 stars, I definitely would! Is it worth the price? Definitely! I can’t wait for more Battle Crows! I’ve already pre-ordered the rest in this series, and own every single book she’s put out on Kindle!!!
I have been a hard core LLV fan for many years. Her characters are usually intriguing, well-written, and relatable. That being said, I DID NOT like this book. The storylines in the last couple of series have been rushed and unsatisfying, and this book was no exception. While I don’t mind an age gap romance, I found it completely improbable that NO ONE in these characters’ lives would object, even mildly, to a man hooking up with his daughter’s best friend, whom he watched grow up. Also, I hated the way Madden’s storyline was treated. Grief is one thing, but I just couldn’t imagine him acting like he did throughout the book. The twist at the end was clichéd and made Madden’s sacrifice utterly pointless. As with each book that LLV has released in the last year or so, I wanted so much to love, or even like, this one. At the end of the day, I found the plot to be mediocre and the characters less than lovable. I’m sorry to say that this is not at all what I expect from this author. If my library had access to her newer material, I might keep reading with the hope that it gets better, but at this point I think I’m going to have to stop buying her books.


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